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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Love Forecast Dec 6th 2015

Love Forecast Dec 6th 2015 by Rachel Love

Aires: Mars continues through your opposite sign could very well cause you a little more drama in your week. The best approach is to try to avoid any challenges where you believe you must be right. Will be a difficult challenge for you to stop yourself from proving your correctness. Best bet again is keeping your distance. That being said there is a very good chance this little drama could provide you with the escape you have been dreaming about. Certainly could cause some big waves this holiday season. Are you sure you want to rock this boat?

Taurus: With Mars moving through Libra there are health concerns you should pay attention to. But remember to differentiate between self caused ones and the other seasonal bugs. As there is a good chance the extra stress of late has had an effect on your health. Someone from the signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn could be just the perfect friend to help guide you to feeling better. Most of this involving your feelings of being stuck or trapped.

Gemini:  Mars moving through causing sparks to fly igniting your smoldering passion. Careful to avoid any drama which will be plentiful this week. This new passion could lead to some very hot office parties.  That being said you could be feeling like our Taurus sisters trapped in an old “going no where” situation and this new passion could break you free or make you miserable.

Cancer: You're going to be able to watch a lot of emotions and family dramas this week. Perhaps you could actually be at the center of some of them. But there is no need for you to actually get that involved.  Someone who has traveled lately will be at the center of these “shake ups” and you would be wise to keep a little distance. Expect some emotional support from a Libra or a Capricorn.

Leo: There is also drama in your life this week And there could be some movement in an old disagreement. As the truth should be clearer this week. By Tuesday most of this stuff will come to a head. And again like some of my previous predictions there is a good chance to break free from a “go no where” relationship if you chose to do so.

Virgo: Neptune is still in your opposite sign thus causing you to be easily beguiled. Possible there are some things happening that you are not even aware of when it comes to your partner or close friends. By mid week it will be easier to see clearly what is going on relationship wise. As far as love concerns, look for an Aries, Leo or Sagittarius for your potential lover. Could be seeing more of them clearly after the New Moon this week. 

Libra: Should be feeling the need to talk about relationships this weekend. Especially time to visit about what truly matters most to you. If you are interested in repairing some old hurts this is the week to do so. If your interested in getting a new lover, this is your week. But I must caution you to make sure you clear up any old habits that could jeopardize chances for a successful relationship moving forward. Either way by Tuesday you should be well on the way to moving on or staying put. As Tuesday seems to be an important day for you relationship wise. 

Scorpio: Neptune will be causing your imagination to flourish. Your artistic side will be fully active. Body painting anyone? Your fantasy world could open up to almost limitless possibilities.  Mercury changes signs Thursday and that should  open you up for more honest feelings and with that, a good possibility for a more intimate relationship or relationships. 

Sagittarius: New Moon should be able to help you with some better understandings about your relationships. The first part of the week might seem like your clueless about what is really going on. And there is a good chance you could be feeling a little out of it as far as day to day activities. Floating as it were through the week.  But come Tuesday you will discover your voice again and people will be hearing you. Don't be surprised that things have indeed changed while you were floating about. Some changes will have to be made in your belief system to adjust to this newly discovered reality you find yourself in by the weekend.

Capricorn: It will be about impressions and creating a pretty face to create the changes you are embarking on this week.  Get your nails done, shopping for a new outfit is in deed a “must” this week. Holiday parties are out there waiting for your presence to brighten the dance floor.  Basically what I am saying is the stars are directing you to a new push towards your goals and you are very much aware how important a good first impression is. So this week is the right time to do just that. Moving towards your relationship goals with a beautiful face, and great shoes. It’s your time to shine girlfriend.

Aquarius:  Tough time this weekend with the emotions running deep. Seems there will be a feeling of being stuck. Not having enough money or freedom to do what you wish to do. You would give your soul for a magical lamp and three wishes. The New Moon this next Friday will break the bond that holds you back. So best to accept and prepare for the immediate future when things change.  By next weekend you will be feeling much better with a possible new love interest by the next week. 

Pisces: This weekend Neptune will cause you to be lighted in such a way to highlight your best qualities. Creating an almost impossible sex appeal that might bring you more than enough flirts and advances than you would like. As this will not just bring you what you want but bring you everything that is close and breathing.  By mid week you will probably be at your wits end trying to slow down the overly frisky types. 

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