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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Podcast of my Weekly Horoscope Love Prediction week starting Jan 31st

Love Horoscope Predictions for Week beginning Jan 31st Facebook Video

Love Horoscope Week Beginning Jan 31,2016

Rachel Love brings her weekly Love Horoscope Predictions. Looks like damage after the Retrograde Storm is on the schedule for most of us. Some will enjoy new opportunities and Some will find exciting possibilities due in large part to the new position they find themselves in after the storm..

Posted by Medium Rachel Love on Sunday, January 31, 2016

New Earth International Presents Weekly Love Horoscope

Love Horoscope Prediction week of Jan 31st

Love Horoscope Prediction by Rachel Love
Week of Jan 31,2016

Aries: I see the potential for game playing by the Sagittarius or Aquarius group this week when it involves you and your beliefs. I can see where some trouble could come from folks not from your home town. I can see all of this beginning to take a toll on your heart.  I hope it helps if I tell you its all about rebalancing after the Retrograde. Just keep your wits about you and you will adjust quickly to the new realities.

Taurus: If you can get your self tightener again after all that has gone down since January you have a great chance of repairing relationships. If you want to. that is. As commitment really is the crux of the issues of late. Are you willing to put in the work or is this worth your effort? Are they willing to reciprocate? By mid week your decision should be decided and if you decide to give in to the extra work load I can see by next weekend Venus forming a conjunction with Pluto that would be helpful in repairing relationships.

Gemini: Drama and issues born during the Retrograde are still giving you a work out with the aftermath. Seems like especially people born under Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn are not feeling the love when it come to your relationships. It is possible to repair those relationships and by next weekend you could probably get everyone involved back on the love boat. But if your heart is set for an Aquarius, the seas will stay rocky for a bit longer.

Cancer: Lot’s of people appreciate your ability to play cupid and help people understand what went wrong with relationships and seek your advice in getting back in the saddle. Beginning of the week you might find your match maker abilities and your abilities to help people learn from their mistakes will be widely sought after.  As far as potential lovers for yourself it looks like the stars are saying your best time would be next weekend. If you have any energy left after all the emotions you experienced this week. If nothing else plan a spa day next weekend and love yourself.

Leo: Repairing the damage after the storms of Retrograde will probably be your focus and it might be suggested that the sooner you try to repair the hurt the better. This work will help out in the road to recovery. I am seeing some bad feelings especially involving Scorpios. It will take time and Retrograde Damage doesn't repair itself. But you can do it as you are Leo.

Virgo: Many times things seemed rather silly and you enjoyed a little more humor than many during the last Retrograde. But there were still some hurt hearts and misunderstandings that now are coming to the place of understanding. Certainly this is a week of makeup sex and fun. Laughter still is the best medicine when it comes to getting past the Retrograde Uproar of late.

Libra:  Keep your funny side up this weekend. Love making and fun is indeed in the stars for you this week. That being said I am also seeing a certain frustration that you are looking for a deeper more stimulating relationship.  With your ruling planet Venus, aligning with Pluto next weekend you could have what you want by then. I do see Mercury still influencing things and that might play out with some little role playing and other sexy mischief in store for you.

Scorpio: We have the Moon influence this weekend possibly contributing to your desire for a deeper relationship and expressing a dissatisfaction with the commitments you are getting lately.  As your passion grows you will be wanting someone of equal passion to join you. Certainly your desiring something more than morning sex you will be wanting more much more.  Next weekend with Venus aligning with Pluto the odds are moving indoor favor for a very satisfying full speed ahead excursion into the deeper parts of your soul.

Sagittarius: Imagine if it was possible to do it all over again. Imagine being able to get your love boat heading back on tract for the cruise you had planned. But alas the Retrograde Storm changed the course of things and thereat has sailed. Now that sounds terrible and I apologize for that. But I am seeing that if you accept the changes and make the necessary changes in your head you will discover the place that you need up at is actually a better place than you imagined. I am actually seeing a great possibility that this island you are on is exactly he right spot for your next adventure. By next week you might try setting sail for a new destination.

Capricorn: I see some issues still hanging around from Retrograde especially anything electronic or mechanical. Car issues, cell phone issues and the like. Now this stuff can be frustrating. Just understand that these things will make great story some night while your int he afterglow mood. Mean time be careful of things that use batteries. Venus is moving through your sign and things should get better quickly. Music will probably be very soothing as you bounce your way through this week. Bouncing doesn't always represent a bumpy car ride. 

Aquarius: I thought I would never suggest this but here goes its a good week to recheck the profiles on the internet dating sites.  It seems this is a week of looking closer for a suitable partner for the potential relationships ahead. The way things are lining up the potential for a great partner is increasing soon and you want to make sure you do your homework before you make a long term commitment. Background checks and credit checks would probably be wise as I see the potential of something long term coming up very soon.

Pisces: Yes it feels like everything has been going backwards lately. Retrograde is to blame but now you need to drop anchor and start to build a foundation. Get yourself a firm grounding in the new reality of your life. The odds are in your favor that you could win by betting on the Dark Horse. I see a good possibility of you really enjoying a ride on something dangerous and exciting. You go CowGirl.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Now Streaming "Escape"

Now Streaming Escape from the Golden Age of Radio on and
Escape brings together everything that was good about old-time radio drama rolled into one. The title itself almost sums up the very essence of what radio drama is all about. Each of the episodes was a micro drama carefully planned to capture the listeners attention for thirty minutes. Over two-hundred episodes were made and almost all of them are as good today as they were over half a century ago. 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Heart Talks Audio Podcast

Heart Talks

Heart Talks

Heart Talks: Kathleen O'Keeth-Kanovos

Sheila Jean Burgher interviews Kathleen O'Keeth-Kanavos about her battle with cancer and how her dreams saved her life. She has created a free book to help you discover how your own dreams can be manifested into a guide to help you enjoy your life more fully. Check out her website:

Posted by Starchild Alliance on Thursday, January 28, 2016

Hear Live How This Woman Beat Cancer, Heart Talks tonight at 7 pm central time

Tonight at 7 pm Central Time: Live Heart Talks with Shiela SiStar and Kathleen O'Keeth-Kanavos: catch it live at

Today at 7 pm Central Time Heart Talks Live with guest Kathleen O'Keeth-Kanavos: Kathleen is a three-time breast cancer survivor whose Inner Guidance saved and changed her life for the better. All of her cancers where missed by the medical community and the tests on which they relied. Therefore, her knowledge and personal wisdom comes from “the trenches of life,” not from hypothetical theories. This Life Purpose is so strong that she has shifted her life from one of leisure to one of service. Hear it here live:

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Love Forecast Jan 24th

Love Forecast the week beginning Jan 24th by Rachel Love

Week Forecast beginning Jan 24th by Rachel Love

Retrograde is ending! And now we can begi n to clean up the mess she helped cause. But still there are some of us who have not faired well under the effects. Leaving us to figure out what to do next or who to bring with us as we mover forward again.

Posted by Medium Rachel Love on Sunday, January 24, 2016

Love Forecast Beginning Jan 24th by Rachel Love

Aries: Best to be careful what you say this week. With Mercury affecting your body in such a way that you could easily upset the applecart. Especially people born under the Gemini and 
Virgo signs will be vulnerable to what you say and do. That being said you will probably just be feeling  great and full of energy.  Not a bad feeling in itself. Relationships can be difficult this week and if you want an existing one to stay moving forward just bite your tongue more than you would normally do. Better to listen to their issues than offer help in fixing them.

Taurus: I am seeing the ending effects of Retrograde in you prediction. This could be causing you to have some second thoughts or doubts about your relationship. There could also still be a lot of house cleaning or getting things in order for your future plans. All this stress and doubts might actually be causing you to return your thoughts backwards to an earlier time in your life.  I cant blame you for that. All I can say is the best advise is to continue to get your things in order and soon it will all make sense.

Gemini: See you are at a place of wishful thinking. Thinking that perhaps a move to a new place would be a great idea. A place where you are at peace and not accepting the same old thing every day.  As it seems you have been feeling restless. In fact I can see some raw emotions raising up this week. Basic primal emotions that can force change or scare small children and animals. The desire to find someone is strong in your heart this week. You might even find yourself attracted to someone completely different from your normal choices.

Cancer: Full Moon will have your emotions up to the full force setting. This of course is to be expected being where you are fully aware of your surroundings. I am seeing romance but not a close to home type romance. I see you thinking far away places and perhaps making plans for a move in the future. Now we all know that this is not a new idea in any stretch of the imagination. I am just saying all this is being directed by the moon and the ending of Retrograde. So perhaps before proposing or accepting a commitment especially from a internet or distant lover you give yourself another week.

Leo: Starting with the full moon and then Venus changing signs there seems to be a time of taking pause.  A time of reflection of stopping and evaluating things.There might even be someone special that you meet the first week in January that has become somewhat irritating or bothersome that you might find yourself thinking about.  Accept this as a week of contemplation. Before moving on give yourself this week to make important decisions.

Virgo: Well I can see you handling multiple relationships this week with ease. No, I am not saying that it is a good idea to add a couple layers to your love cake I am just saying the signs are there that you could be doing or thinking of multiple lovers.  I am not anyone who would judge either way I am just reading the charts here girlfriend. Retrograde influence will not be much of a factor after this Tuesday. So just use caution with communication tools. I do see Mercury aligning with Pluto next Saturday. By then you should have a pretty good understanding of where you stand in any relationships.

Libra: Full Moon energy and I can imagine your emotions are running on full caffeine strength. So much so that some close friends have been keeping a bit of a distance. That is probably a good idea for everyone. Take some time to work on the basics or the foundation of your plan. Hell you might even tackle that spring cleaning or remodeling project you have been thinking about. Put that energy to useful use.  Love making will be a tad more risky this week but again it never hurts to make passionate love. Just watch out that you don't burn down the house in the ruckus.

Scorpio: Full Moon and then Mercury reaches her station and I can see you questioning your decisions.  Maybe even having a change of heart about someone.  I can see your conflict in wanting to stick to your guns and that being loyal is important to you. But then the signs are there that you  might want to look closer and see if there isn't any kind of magic or manipulation on the others part that gave you the  illusion of truth.

Sagittarius: The signs all point to this, that you are about at the end of your rope waiting for someone to follow through and do what they promised. You are probably feeling that time is ticking and you would love to get this settled so you can move on with your life. The signs are also showing that in relationships that time probably should be given for everyone involved to deal with their past history so they can make the move forward. Relationships are not always built in a timely manner. 

Capricorn: Seeing drama and concerns over money and commitments this week. This all getting stronger by Tuesday. So with that feeling there will be a strong urge to get everything settled and the ink dry on the paperwork. But I am seeing that things should wait until Thursday as the moon drives at the apex of your chart. Allowing you to feel more comfortable in talking about the more intimate concerns of the relationship. Because there seems to be a suggestion that the real issue is more of a secretive intimate nature.  Use caution around this with people born under the signs Aries, Cancer and Libra. As there is a chance they could really rock your ship off course emotionally. 

Aquarius: Full Moon in your opposite sign and the Retrograde coming to the end of her travels tells me there could be someone close who will cause some emotional distress this week for you.  A strong possibility that you are feeling a little unsettled and floating as it is anyway and this will not be helpful. I see perhaps someone is asking you to move or make a greater sacrifice for their benefit and this is not something you can easily contemplate much less do. As you would prefer some solid foundation and a sense of security. Best suggestion is that you try to keep communications open and with Retrograde ending soon you could work these misunderstanding out. Caution is in order and I am afraid this might not get worked out in just a week.

Pisces: Mercury coming into her station Tuesday and soon Jupiter and Neptune making aspect with the Sun and all this will probably translate into big waves on the romantic front. Your love boat will be floating high with the way the currents are aligning. There is an aspect that perhaps there will be some secretive aspects to these jaunts. With you or them wanting to keep this romance under wraps or under someone else name on the ship register. But with sure promises of ending up in port for the duration you would be willing to trust they know where they are going. I am seeing that former lovers or those partners connected but still on the shore line will not be as thrilled as you are about the ships activities.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Heart Talks

Heart Talks Guest Marci Kosich

Shiela SiStar has as her guest Marci KosichMulti-dimensional Healer/Reader/Channeler

Posted by Starchild Alliance on Thursday, January 21, 2016

Monday, January 18, 2016

Determined Women

Determined Women: LORCA PERESS

Your Host Coni Ciongoli Koepfinger interviews LORCA PERESS. LORCA PERESS specializes in developing multicultural and multidisciplinary theatre, dance-theatre, musicals, opera and theatrical multimedia projects. She is the Founder and Artistic Director of MultiStages (est. 1997), and also works as a freelance director.

Posted by OnAir Players on Monday, January 18, 2016

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Love Forecast Jan 17th 2016

Love Forecast January 17th by Rachel love Aries: Careful with the retrograde as there is a chance that you could be the voice behind trouble. So knowing your sensitive side could be hurt if you're not careful I would caution you to be careful what you share and with who. Be especially nice to Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces people. Romance could suffer if you're not on your best behavior. I can see you would prefer to act first then make apologies but with retrograde its best to just wait it out. Taurus: The time is still ripe for game playing and you will not be immune. Watch for falsehoods from Arires and Leos. Things will be settling down as far as retrograde and you are concerned. But there could be some health issues you should address before the weeks over. Love could bloom because of something you did when someone was in need. By Tuesday this person will probably be watching you more intently. Gemini: Jupiter will have the impact of drawing attention away from you. This could be nice break from the scrutiny you have been seeing lately. I see someone from a far off place being more interested in you than before. Same time I am seeing that a decision on a relationship should be made. Too many irons in the fire could make for some confusion. Cancer: Relationships formed last July will be higher priority on you calendar. Speaking of calendars seems like thanks to retrograde there will be more than one schedule change in your future. Take it all in stride and try to keep your cool. Perhaps your love life is not as comforting as you would like right now but I am seeing someone close to you that could use some support during their troubles. Not that unusual for you to be the shoulders that girlfriends cry on. Leo: Refection is in order but I still see you feeling the need to play. Playful Kitty! That is being supported by the signs and if you want to indulge who could blame you. Sometimes the feel of cupids stiff arrows in your hands feels very good. I will suggest if you want to play choosing Gemini, Libra and Aquarius would be a good choice. Naughty Kitty! Virgo: Careful as always during retrograde. I see some possibility for health issues to interfere with you love life. Be diligent in keeping yourself healthy and try to avoid travel for a bit. I am also seeing, that your liable to get involved with someone who appreciates the finer things of life. And a strong desire for you to touch things and be touched. Seems your tactile stimulation is strong. Libra: You have your new year expectations and wish list for the perfect lover. That is not a bad thing. Imagine retrograde has made creating a list more important that previous years. There certainly are people that would love to be included in your list. Just use caution for all east another week in making the final cut. I see Aries and Leo ready and able to meet your expectations. But for the best match look at the sign of Sagittarius. Scorpio: I could see the you have been putting a lot of effort to please and make a lover happy or at least satisfied. Even expending efforts on a distant person or persons seems to be in your stars. Probably with the idea that it will take this amount of effort due to retrograde and communication issues. You could continue this effort for a while longer as I don't see a quick solution to this effort. But I do see someone proposing or upping the romance game by mid week. Same time there seems to be s someone close to you that is having some issues with being ethical or doing the right thing and they want to bring you into the mess. Sagittarius: Making your love happy has been difficult and you will probably be wishing that this expended work out with pleasing would come to an end and the tables would turn. You could be worried that you are not getting your fair share of attention in your relationships. Just have to wait this retrograde period out. Mean time in the love department, if you would try a little role play or game playing you could pass the time quicker. Capricorn: Been a dry road lately with romance. I do see a good possibility for rain and slippery conditions coming quickly this week. I know retrograde and distance are in play but I do see potential for hot and heavy fun with Aries, Cancer and Libra’s. Aquarius: Feelings of reflections and wishful thinking that if things had been different will probably be on your mind. This could make it more difficult to find a future love. I do see more friendships that lovers in your prediction this week. I also see someone who also has some past hurts who is finally coming to grips with that past looking at you with hungry eyes. Pisces: Looking backwards again seems to be in the signs. I do see your interest in an old love who has moved on into a different direction getting into your dreams. I also see a potential for new lovers and by next week the odds are even more in your favor for romantic romps.

This Weeks Guest on Determined Women: Lorca Peress

LORCA PERESS specializes in developing multicultural and multidisciplinary theatre, dance-theatre, musicals, opera and theatrical multimedia projects. She is the Founder and Artistic Director of MultiStages (est. 1997), and also works as a freelance director. Upcoming: Script Development Series workshop of JANUARY by Paula Cizmar. Lorca will direct this multimedia play which focuses on gun violence among children, its effects on families, society, and media exploitation. JANUARY was a MultiStages New Works Finalist and Kilroy nominee. MultiStages next New Works Contest will receive submission between June 30-Dec. 31. Details on the website. Recent Directing Credits include Desi Moreno-Penson’s "Comida de Puta (F-ing Lousy Food, HOLA Award)"; a fully-staged Bernstein’s "MASS" with her father Maestro Maurice Peress at the Colden Center and 200 singers/dancers/musicians; the award-winning musical drama, "Temple of the Souls" (6 Innovative Theatre Nominations, 4 HOLA Awards), she is one of the book writers, composers Anika Paris (her sister) and Dean Landon, story by Anita Velez-Mitchell (her grandmother); Nichole Thompson Adams’ "Black Girl You’ve Been Gentrified" at the Public Theatre's Joe's Pub. She presented a Climate Change Event in December for MultiStages with short plays through the Artists for Climate Change Action Event. She directed the AIDS Quilt Songbook at Cooper Union, and in several LPTW short plays festivals. Lorca is a featured panelist and moderator for numerous organizations including TRU, No-Passports, and at NYU and CUNY. For over a decade, Lorca has been on the NYU Tisch Strasberg Studio and Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute faculties. She was the hotINK Festival Curator for NYU Strasberg Studio (2002-2010). Memberships: SDC, AEA, SAG-AFTRA, League of Professional Theatre Women (Co-President 2011-14), Creative Network for the Federal Affairs Administration Office of the Governor of Puerto Rico. Awards include 4 MCAF Awards, Dramatists Guild Fund Award, Taino Areito Award, 5 HOLA Awards, 2nd and 3rd prizes in the National Opera Competition, 2 Collaboration Honorable Mentions from the Women in Arts and Media Coalition, and a La MaMa INKY in playwriting. Lorca is a Bennington College and NTI graduate and a visual artist. Website:

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Heart Talks

Heart Talks Interview David Diamondheart

Sheila SiStar interviews David Diamondheart, David is a Metatronia Therapy Master Healer and Vibrational Healing Artist.

Posted by Starchild Alliance on Thursday, January 14, 2016

Monday, January 11, 2016

Air Plays Production of The Real Deal Actors Interview.

Cast Interview The Real Deal

Cast Interview from THE REAL DEAL By David Dietz. The Cast Lani Cerveris-Cataldi, Timothy Reagan and the host Robert Rhodes

Posted by OnAir Players on Monday, January 11, 2016

THE REAL DEAL By David Dietz. Robert Rhodes interviews the playwright David Deitz

THE REAL DEAL By David Dietz: Playwright Interview

THE REAL DEAL By David Dietz. Robert Rhodes interviews the playwright David Deitz about the inspiration behind the play and his upcoming works.

Posted by OnAir Players on Monday, January 11, 2016

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Love Prediction Jan 10th Podcast

Audio Podcast link

Love Forecast Video for Jan 10th by Rachel Love

Love Forecast Jan 10th 2016 by Rachel Love

Retrograde still plays a major role in the weeks prediction. Plus a little help from a couple other factors and we have us a full week of interesting events. Love is certainly in the stars for many of us. But there still seems to be many us looking backwards at prior loves and disappointments. Perhaps we can learn something from doing so. But we must be careful not to stumble as we move forward looking over our shoulders.

Posted by Medium Rachel Love on Sunday, January 10, 2016

Love Forecast Week of January 10th 2016 by Rachel Love

Love Forecast for Week of Jan10,2016 by Rachel Love

Aries: Jupiter appears to be moving backward in the sky adding to retrogrades ability to mess with communication.  But no fear as far as romance goes everything is on the right track. Seems like you and your lover or potential lover are going to be able to work out the responsibilities and expectations that could have caused a weakened foundation. Still must give you a heads up seems like someone has a vendetta against you that was started about a year and a half back. They think that 2016 would be a good year to get even. So just watch your back.

Taurus: Probably best to put romance on pause for a bit longer. Allow retrograde to move on and then strike up the conversations or sweet talk.  Besides I am seeing that the person you have eyes for is probably talking about taking a trip or a relocation and is distracted from love concerns right now.

Gemini: Retrograde is of course at the root of your week. So this is what I am seeing as a possibility for your week. I see two possibilities the first being that a deeper commitment is in store for you. Moving things up a notch with your lover. Possible proposals and romantic promises of forever love.  But on the other hand I can see how long term relationships could very well be put at risk due to probable health or financial concerns or both. So there is certainly changes in your romantic relationships this week.  Keep your faith, retrograde doesn't last forever and soon it will let up.

Cancer: Hard to believe but retrograde actually could be helping you be more attractive looking. I don't mean that your ugly or undesirable. What I do mean is with Mercury and Jupiter retrograde and then with Venus and Saturn in the picture there is something special going on.  But some issue could become  difficult due to obligations and commitments you created from last September. This lack of time could prevent you from being help to someone close who really needs your help.  But that being said as far as those born under the signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are going to find your incredible good looking. 

Leo: Funny how sometimes we feel the need to look back instead of forward when it comes to love. Seems the retrograde is effecting your eyesight. Causing you to look back at an old relationship that was centered around October 2012. Probably would not be the best idea to go back to that bed and trying again. But certainly remembering what went on and who was involved could help you learn something that could help you in the future. Relationships come and go and most of the time we are made better because of them. Even if the pain is still fresh in your mind the end result usual ends up with you being a better person.

Virgo: Retrograde and a busy schedule I can pretty much bet that you aren't really feeling the new year as of yet. It is like you feel your behind by a few weeks and just now considering what the new year means to you. I see a memory that could be resurfacing. Some old thoughts still haunting you from christmas past. But what I can also see is that an older relative might have some wisdom that could help you figure out your path. It could be a simple story they share with you or a long drawn out description of their first love back in the day of youth and rock and roll. But this story could click your memory of the real story that you have forgotten about from your past. This truth will help in your relationships. By the way as far as love goes, I see a good possibility for mutual satisfaction from someone who is from the sign, Aries, Leo or Sagittarius.

Libra: Being the retrograde will be effecting all of us it is not surprising how in your case you would find yourself looking back with some fondness.  Memory has a way of making even the ugly things a bit prettier. Speaking of pretty looks like a redo or a makeover would be a good thing. Not just your face and clothes but your home could use a little freshening up. I am seeing how important it is to you to have a nice place to relax and enjoy. With retrograde in the picture having a calm beautiful and comfortable place would be helpful.  That being said I am also seeing potential new love reaching out to you. The trouble is that someone your’e in a relationship with now is causing some difficulty in seeing clearly the new lover just outside your window of thought. 

Scorpio: I can see you want to  push forward and get what you want and need this week. Retrograde be damn you are ready and willing to move forward.  That is ok. In fact with the moon passing the base of your chart early this week there is a possibility you could get what you seek. Might take some charm, a new negligee or even some strong drink. Remember don't drink and drive. That being said there appears to be someone who wants a long term commitment and you are probably not really ready for that kind of contract. Mean time I imagine you are going to enjoy all the relationship game playing happening this week all around you. 

Sagittarius:  With retrograde moving backward I see you trying to move forward in relationships. Asking for commitments and wanting to stand firm on your expectations. I also see some travel plans and financial issues making you feel nervous about where you are investing your life. Venus aligns with Saturn in your sign Sunday making the feeling even more intense when it comes to love commitments. Probably pushing you towards a confrontation on your love front.

Capricorn: I am seeing that you feel the need to explain yourself to a new love. Or a feeling that you need to make amends to a former lover or good friend. I see something triggering your memories that are becoming stumbling block to moving forward. Probably a formal dinner or event that has your attention will stir the old memory. That being said there is a strong possibility that someone at that event would be an interesting match in a little one on one pillow fight. My suggestion is that you lighten up on yourself a little and understand that all of us have regrets but they could be turned around easily to be something that helped up become a better person.

Aquarius: You should be fining yourself looking back in fondness also. But your sign has the reputation of being able to blend the past and future pretty well without a lot of fuss. So I am predicting that there is someone else looking back over their shoulder that also thinks that there might be some good times had at reliving a past tryst. Or at least another chance to ring your bell.

Pisces: Turns out retrograde will be causing you to look backwards also. In your case you are hoping to figure out who is your true friends. Who always stuck by you no matter how much you screwed up. So your concentration this week will probably be more towards commitment from friends and a safety net that you believe will be important for the new year. Sure you could still enjoy some one on one time with a lover but I am seeing more of a concern for loyal friends. I would suggest looking at the signs of Virgo and Sagittarius for those loyal friends.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Love Forecast Video

Love Forecast Jan 3d 2016

Retrograde. Mid week.. Yes I know, I shouldn't have even mentioned it but you should be aware of her influence regardless how much we don't want to admit it, she does influence so much of us. I would suggest you get things in order and figured out early this week so you can make retrograde a more pleasant experience. That being declared many of you will find the beginning of a new love and most of us will enjoy some time reflecting on what we want out of our relationships. Retrograde ends just before Valentine's Day.

Posted by Medium Rachel Love on Sunday, January 3, 2016

Weekly Love Forecast Jan 3d 2016 by Rachel Love

Weekly Love Forecast Jan 3d 2016 by Rachel Love Aries: There is a strong possibility that someone very special will become known to you this week. This could turn into some romance or a very dear friend. The trouble will be the retrograde will pop herself right into he middle of this possibility. The retrograde is keeping herself around until Valentine's Day. The romantic interest will probably be a Cancer, Libra or a Capricorn. Side note, someone close to you is having difficulties explaining themselves and you might be able to help them. Taurus: Expect some degree of romantic issues this week. Retrograde will be the cause. But the characters involved will be the ones you will have already been focusing on. Expect the over achievers to be at the root of your issues. Especially the ones with stringent New Year Resolutions, you know the ones already don't you? Anyway quiet time and concentrating on the beautiful things should help. Perhaps painting or writing poetry would help you maintain this retrograde. Gemini: Looks like you should be enjoying a great year. This week I would recommend that you keep everything light and fun. Try to keep yourself out of anything serious at least until after the retrograde moves on Valentine's Day. I am also seeing a possibility that you could be misunderstood due in part to mixed signals you have put out there. I also see someone that you are interested in or in a relationship with, that is on the opposite side of a political opinion. Again keep the conversations light and easy and you should do well. Cancer: Feeling the need for adventure and also feeling like you need to close up the chapter of the book. You know that feeling, like its time to move on but you're not sure if your ready. Work and pleasure is beginning to feel out of balance. You might be thinking you're giving more than you're receiving in your relationships. And then here comes retrograde. So misunderstandings and communications issues will be in play. I do see someone from Scorpio or Capricorn and from an older generation that will be relying on your friendship. Leo: Feeling a desire for love and wanting a relationship to blossom will probably be on your mind this week. New Years Resolutions will be on your thoughts. Wanting to stick to them has become a problem as of late. As the resolutions has become almost a joke to you. But still you wish for some resolutions to become real in regard to love, happiness and your health. But that being said I do see someone close to you wanting to get closer. But retrograde will complicate this relationship. Virgo: Jupiter is still moving through your sign so love is certainly a part of your new year prediction. But retrograde still plays into this prediction causing a rather bumpy start romantically to your new year. Keep your calm and try to keep from being fooled by those taking advantage of the retrograde. Watch your internet dating and trust you heart above the other voices you could be hearing. Libra: Careful that you don't appear indecisive as this is the week you could easily be misunderstood. Be certain that you are not sending out the wrong signals. Are you interested in this relationship or is this just a passing fling. The faster you are at making the effort to communicate clearly your desires the more likely you can receive what you are asking for. By midweek here comes retrograde. Then it will be very difficult to get anything communicated the way you wish. Scorpio: Move quickly on that particular person you have been dreaming about. Mars is spending a lot of time in your sign this year and that brings a good chance of real love and long standing relationships. Retrograde will shake things up so if you want something to happen romantically, buy the new negligee very soon. Then hold on until Valentine's Day when retrograde moves on and with any luck you will have gotten exactly what you set your sites on. Sagittarius: Taurus or Libra relationships will require extra attention this week. And retrograde coming in quickly this week there will be fireworks, missed communications and some extra tricks and little treats for you romantically. Suggest that you take it easy and make sure your desires and wants are fully understood. Some might try to ignore you and hope that you don't notice but stand firm and remind them of the promises they made to you. Capricorn: Your best bet for this week is to get some of your past issues worked out. Some misunderstanding of the past will become much larger once retrograde happens midweek. So if you can get your concerns cleared up quickly you will be much better off. These concerns are related to romance and work relationships. I am also seeing someone expects you to be the one giving all the time and you have your own desires and wants that have to be considered. If you would like to give these issues time to work out then the retrograde period will certainly be a good time to see if this relationship can survive. Aquarius: Thinking about the last two years and the amount of effort and toil you have put into a relationship or relationships should be on your plate this week. I can see how you could easily feel that you are not really getting your wants and some of your needs meet. This retrograde will be a great time to concentrate on what you want in a relationship. Concentrate on your wants and desires and see if there is someone who can hep you achieve these results. Look for someone under the Gemini Sign to be helpful in answering these questions. Pisces: Sure retrograde sucks and we all wish it didn't happen but it does. So just about everyone will feel her effect. Those under the signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and your sign will be feeling the effect more intensely in their love life. I would suggest that you keep it light and you could find support from your friends under the signs I just mentioned. But there does seem to be a very strong indication that at least one relationship will be coming to an end during this retrograde period.