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Sunday, December 27, 2015

End of 2015 Love Forecast by Rachel Love

End of 2015 Love Forecast by Rachel Love

Aires: Been about four years of relationship issues for your sign. Blame Uranus moving through your sign.  Uranus will be adding to your end of year issues for sure. So expect some people will not understand you and expect someone from the wild side to visit and bring forth some surprises. The biggest issue will be a general felling of restlessness. Your choice if you respond to those feeling or not. But a great New Year Eve Party would be a perfect opportunity to shake the cobwebs out.

Taurus: Emotions will be increased and it might be hard for you to keep yourself from falling apart emotionally. Seems to be a good chance of someone who cares for you to step up and help you through this week. Perhaps even a renewed romance before the year ends. One issue is it will be easy for you to get your feelings hurt when someone close to you doesn't get it when it comes to understanding how much work you have put forth to make others happy.

Gemini: With the Full Moon and the Sun reacting to Mercury expect the unexpected. Some real fireworks could shake up your world and the issue is this could be a great thing or a bad thing as the stars are not real clear. One note is that at least two people close to you will be calling it quits. It will finally be obvious that this would never have lasted. But overall I am getting the message that the end of 2015, most things will be ending on a very positive note for you.

Cancer: Well let’s just say this weekend and week will be a whole lot different from the same time last year. Many changes have come into you life. This week there could be heightened emotions. And your desire to control this will probably not work. Best to just go with the wave as it rolls over you and your close friends. You will discover just how faithful your friends really are and be able to go into the new year with the information you need to be successful. 

Leo: Full Moon and Uranus will bring you an extra edge and you should enjoy the extra energy greatly. While many will feel overwhelmed you will thrive this week. You might have some difficulty expressing yourself for a bit but by midweek your voice will once again roar. I see also by then that someone will be dangling a fresh delight under your nose. Trying to get your attention. 

Virgo: Emotions and unexpected excitement is in your sign this week. Looks like most of us are going to be feeling the effects. But in your case there will need to be some work for you to in order to maintain your balance and status quo. You could find a Leo or a Libra to help you figure this all out. But rest assured these planets are going to eventually move on and things look good.

Libra: You are not immune from the emotional and unexpected happenings this week either.  Actually after the last few years of surprises you are almost expecting more. But this will eventually end but not before the year ends. I see some news from afar that could cause concern. I also see a Scorpio Soul who would enjoy helping you cope with all this.

Scorpio: You will be experiencing some of the same emotions and surprises as most of us. But the one thing I must warn you about is to not take others issues as your own fault. It would be easy for you to feel their pain or feel somehow guilty that you could have prevented something. But this is just an illusion. Things happen and your part of the equation is to be there for comfort but not blame.  Now by mid week things begin to move in a different direction for you. Possible new relationship and  some news from an old lover or relative could help change your future. I think you will be somewhat surprised about what the universe has in plan for you next year. 

Sagittarius: In your case this week points to your need for balance in your relationship. Some emotional and unexpected news will be part of this week like most of us. But in your case it should help restore balance. I am seeing the need to measure an old flame. Check that they are still part of your future. You might also check that you are not giving more than you are taking in from an older relationship.  Like are they still on your cell phone bill? That sort of thing.

Capricorn:  Same emotional and unexpected things could be influencing you. But your level headed enough to flow with it. Counting it as it is just a part of the general season of the Holidays. You could also be a support for Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces friends who are not acting as normal as usual, in your opinion. It seems your ability to see things clearly will be an asset this week. So this is a week of strengthening relationships and being there when needed by others. 

Aquarius: Same as everyone else but you also will be a strength to your Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces friends who could use a shoulder or an ear to share their concerns.  Expect a major change by midweek. Venus will be changing signs and changing things up for you and your friends.  The bright side is you are going to be feeling pretty good about yourself and enter the new year optimistic. 

Pisces: I see you trying to avoid all this emotion and surprises. In fact a good chance you will be running in an entirely different direction that those around you. This will work for you. And I also see that someone else will be joining you as you dismiss those who are struggling with the holiday emotions.  This might just be a short romance but there is the possibility that it will last into the New Year.

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