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Friday, September 25, 2015

Weekly Love Forecast Sept 25th by Rachel Love

Weekly Love Forecast Sept 25th by Rachel Love

Aires: More unexpected news and people changing their minds. But after Monday things will start to feel normal. Relationships will be iffy for a bit longer. There is a possibility with all this turmoil that something good could come along. If your into foreigners and internet dating you actual might be lucky. As there seems to be something in your sign about distant lovers.

Taurus:  It will become much clearer to you what is really going on with your love life. And the good news is there seems to be some interest from a certain someone wanting to get to know you a little better. Come Monday things really begin to settle out in your life and you will feel certain relief and gratitude that you are who you are.

Gemini: Saturn moving into your opposite sign will create some surprises. Old lovers and friends might start showing up at your door. And a very good chance that they have changed and are willing and able to become much more helpful that they were in the past.  After Monday you will be seeing very clearly how much they have really changed, compared with what they say. So take it slow until then to check out whats true and what’s a lie.

Cancer: Closing the chapter and moving on towards new things is what I am seeing in your stars. Looks like people will be giving you some space also. So it will feel  that everything is going well and you’re heading in the right direction. With all the turmoil of late this will be a good week and you should start feeling more at peace again.

Leo: There is a decision that you should make before Monday comes about. This decision will have long lasting ramifications. But hell you are the Lion, you know how to make decisions and  this will not be a difficult one for you. But the stars tell me that someone will believe your getting too close for comfort in their perceived kingdom. So watch your tail and you should be doing great.  I just heard the Tony Tiger voice from the cereal commercial. I know he was a tiger and not a lion. Oh well I cant help what comes passing thru my thoughts.

Virgo: You are riding a new wave and things have changed around you. Your new path has begun and you might still not be aware of how much different things are. As if you were so busy trying to dodge all that confusion last week you didn't notice you boarded a different train.  Good chance you are going to get some help with figuring out just where you are  going from a Libra. Your water sign friends will be there to support you if you need to hold a hand during this trip. Bon Voyage.

Libra:  A new love is in the air. At least some serious flirting and hand holding could be involved. Looks like your current lover is beginning to loose their shine in your eyes. Very good chance you have been making extra effort to renew that flame. But the same time you are wondering if it is worth your effort.  Mars will be impacting Virgo and this extra energy might just help you work this out. Decide what to do or who to do.  A virgo or a Pisces will be the question this week.

Scorpio: Saturn has moved out of your sign but you might still be trying to get used to the new influences in your life. I am seeing that someone close to you has been willing to become closer to you during these last days. Suspect they may be seeing something different about you that fascinates them.  I am seeing that come the end of the month you will be doing much better with the different energies and you should probably just be careful of what or who you get involved in until then. Not saying a little fun should be ruled out just don't fly to Vegas just yet.
Sagittarius: Been a long time since Saturn has been in your sign. The newness to this energy might be causing  you to feel a little off. And there is a good chance that you are still trying to hold on to the old energy. Making amends with old lovers and trying hard to hold on to the traditions of your past. You need to be let go and prepare yourself for new things. Even someone younger could be in your future. I remember I mentioned younger before but there still is some indication that they are still there, even if you have been holding back. Hell girl add some fresh color to your hair and enjoy this newness you have coming to you.

Capricorn:  Changes in your life are still manifesting. And you are still like our Sagittarius sisters, trying to hold on to the past.  I see some need for education and looks like a new interest is showing up very soon and maybe even before the weekend is over. So keep your eyes open and a new shade of lipstick on your lips as things have changed and you will be noticed by new people. And new opportunities are coming quickly.

Aquarius: There are strong aspects involving the two planets to which you seem most sensitive,Saturn and Uranus. So you are going to feel like you should really do something wild and crazy. And that is always fun and most of the time you recover quickly. But I am encouraged to tell you to take it a tad slower this week. Especially be careful with the credit cards and gifts to yourself. Give yourself a few weeks before you run out and do what you are really wanting to do. Sure I know I am speaking to the hand. But be careful this week, try to slow down and think before you fly.

Pisces:  Watch out for game playing from Gemini or Sagittarius people. Seems like someone is working on changing your future. Now this will could work out great in the future but I am told to caution you to be aware that their beliefs about you and your own beliefs could be at odds. So stay true to your vision. And don't jump into bed to quickly. Third date rule applies here.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Weekly Love Forecast Sept 18th

Weekly Love Forecast Sept 18th by Medium Rachel Love

Aires: Well looks like Drama Camp just moved into your neighborhood. The stars are lining up to bring you a great chance to show your true gifts in the realm of courage, bravery and fearfulness.  Blame it on the sun eclipse or the stars or as a test you lined up way before you were born. The truth that you need to remember is that the enemy is not always who you think it is. So be careful to not burn down a friendship or relationship until all the facts are known which will take a while to reveal themselves.

Taurus: Creativity and imagination should be running strong for you this week. A good thing  right? You might even think you’r finally ready to step out and begin a new adventure. And that could be a good thing also. In relationships and friendships there could be a few naysayers who would try to discourage you. Even if the checkbook says you had better consider a loan the universe is saying you can do this. My own two cents here. Don't borrow more than you can pay off in a few months.

Gemini: Changes and a feeling of wanting to fly like the butterfly is what I am seeing for your week. Also this is interesting I see a younger person being instrumental in your choices. So the only way to escape this feeling of being trapped you have been feeling is to take a small trip. Get out of the house and the day to day routine and enjoy the great beauty that surrounds us all. A small note I see this feeling lasting much longer than a week or two. And of course there will be some close to you who will want to hold you back. Might just as well set your own rules now as  to how you will handle them.

Cancer: With the way the stars and the universe are set up you are no doubt feeling like things are all wrong. Something has changed and it is giving you an unsettled feeling.  Some emotions will be surging also. I am seeing a need for knowledge as if you are hungry to better understand what is really happening in the world. So maybe setting up a little quiet time in your room with the computer could give you some needed answers to what you are seeking.  So sorry about the changes in your routine but there is a reason for it. Check within yourself and check closely at what you have been involved in to find the reasons this is happening. 

Leo: Changes and turbulence is in the stars for you also. Looks like the changes could be related to someone close to you being sick or a family member is going thru something that will be impacting your day to day routine. And there is a good chance someone close to you will be letting you down. Now this is not  the best forecast for you and I am sorry for that. But I must give what I am seeing and knowing and being prepared is better than being blind sided right? So prepare and remember this has nothing to do with you. You are still the lion on the mountain. You can watch this all happen and decide just how much you want to get your paws dirty.

Virgo: Same issues with the changes. Due to the solar eclipse and the Mercury turning retrograde. I see a chance for you to actually get ahead of the game here due mostly to people around you dropping the ball. So you can pick up this ball and run with it and do well. But again I must tell you the old way of doing things will not work this time. If you are going to run with the ball you will need to be prepared to do it differently this time.

Libra: Mercury is going to station herself in your sign. So you will certainly feel the changes all around you. Important for me to tell you, many will be looking at you to blame you for these changes. We know it is not true. It is just the way the whirlwind of changes will play out. So prepare to be tough skinned. After time runs its course it will be much more obvious you had nothing to do with this. So drive careful this week. Watch out for the potholes ahead of you. And you might consider getting some distance from those you know who usually attend drama camp this time of year. What I mean is you know who is the drama queens in your circles. Stay clear if you can and you will probably be just fine. 

Scorpio: Saturn is leaving you sign next week and that should make you feel better.  Notice how I started with something positive? Because you have a week of confusion and troubles just like most of us to wade thru this week. Watch yourself especially in regards to money. Mercury retrograde is going to give you a run for your money.  Concentrate on balancing your own energies and duties. Relax and prepare as Saturn won’t be back in your sign for about thirty years.

Sagittarius: Saturn will be coming into you sign soon. So prepare yourself to be tested on many levels for many years. Hey that is not all bad. You have some real milestones already set up to help remind yourself what is important and where you are headed.  This week remembering this and not making any serious course correction to your path will be a good thing. Hold strong to your beliefs. The things you have planned in November should stay in your focus.  Mercury retrograde be damned you can do this.

Capricorn:  Saturn changing signs and the way the stars are effecting everyone this week will be in effect for your sign also. But I am seeing a much more confidence on your sign that is saying you are prepared and ready to go. Something you decided a few months back has rooted in your thoughts and this is giving you a plan that you believe will work out for you. That being said I am hearing a  health scare could come into your focus but it should turn out to be a false alarm. So hold the faith and follow your heart. 

Aquarius:  Unsettled star patterns and unsettled feelings are in your forecast this week.  Imagine you will be wondering if you took to much on recently and you could be longing to the early days of your life. Speaking of younger days someone close to you that is younger will be impacting your life this week. There will be a feeling of losing things. Of missing out and wishing for another chance. Especially with  someone younger than you born under the water sign. Some issues with family is also in the stars.

Pisces: Mercury will be having an impact on your life also. And there is a good chance that your ability to smooth things over or to avoid trouble will be tested this week. Impacting your status with your peers and friends. There is someone living far away that is in need of support and your help. So despite the turmoil your gifts are needed. Use caution and don't expect that you can just hide in your house to escape this weeks activities.  I would cut back on your Facebook posting for a bit for the week. And before you know it things will be back on course with only a few barnacles stuck on your hull. Sorry couldn't help myself. I saw an old battle ship in rough seas.