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Monday, December 14, 2015

Love Prediction for Dec 14th 2015 by Rachel Love

Love Prediction for Dec 14th by Rachel Love Aries: It's about looking good, hell it's about looking Hot this week. A well dressed person would certainly get your attention. So the two of you dressed to the nines would make the perfect holiday couple. Caution about older friends and relatives. They might not see the sparkle the way you do. And will be ready and able to caution you on your plans. Taurus:Responsibilities could very well increase. It looks like your past involvement in an organization is asking for much more work and participation from you. This could cause some issues with someone close to you concerned your giving too much and don't have enough time for them. So it's up to you give it all to the organization or to a lover or potential lover. Gemini: Fridays new moon has changed the dynamics in your love life. And your whole life for that matter. Look for someone wearing red. They will be someone who could make your world spin. That should be a big selection with all the Santa look alike this season. Cancer: To be honest your probably going to be viewed as too driven by your friends. And irritation and disappointments could be plentiful. This will cause trouble with relationships and romance. But no worry after Tuesday things look good. Side note an older friend could be helpful this weak in figuring things out. Leo: Money issues will be playing in your field this week. Problem with so many holiday activities and gifts that this stress could cause some relationship issues. Bright side to this is a great opportunity for a kiss and make up love session by weekend. Virgo: Sorry girlfriend looks like emotions and some drama are in store for your week. Emotional hurts and sadness are in the playing field of your heart. Expect some closure and sympathy by mid week. Sorry again it just works out that way that we need to let some things go to be happy, Libra: You want to test the relationships this week. You could be feeling like you are giving more to the relationship then they are returning back to you. This test could hurt someone of the older generation. Are you really wanting to test this to the fullest extent? Good chance some real shakeups will be coming due to your efforts. Bright side next week shows promise of a makeup. But that’s a week away. Scorpio: Support form old friends could come in handy this week. Look for friends of the air signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius for guidance and support. Its all about distant memories and past holidays that are bringing up these old hurts. Relax and trust that your support system will help you deal and maintain calm during this stressful week. Sagittarius: Ok, fireworks in December. Yes looks like excitement and sparks could be the results of some your actions and responses to the current situation you find yourself in. Could indeed be a fun week at least the first part of the week. I would suggest some new lingerie would come in handy. So enjoy the hot sparks and unexpected turns and adventures. Caution some of your friends will definitely be concerned you have lost it. Capricorn: Changes and reschedules could indeed cause you some concerns this week. Causing your temper to flare. Expect trouble from the older generation again to be the source of these changes. Bright side your heater thermostat will be at the Hot and Ready setting by Tuesday. So if you can find some private time in between these constant rescheduling you would really enjoy some “ One on One” time with a lover. Aquarius: New Moon coincides with the opposition between Mars and Uranus so things could get tense. That being said it looks like if you are careful with your words and put on smiles and glitter you should do well. I am also seeing a potential affair of the heart by the weekend. Despite the possibilities that you will have offended everyone in your circle by then. Oh and I should mention the affair of the heart is not from your usual circle, it is an outsider. Pisces: Good chance you will experience some trouble between two close friends. Breakups are at an all time high during this holiday season and this could cause you some personal pain by seeing people around you suffer. As far as your lover goes it will be all related to kind, soft and romantic words. Seems you will be easily turned on by sweet nothings. If all else fails a few romantic novels will help calm you during your friends troubles.

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