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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Weekly Love Forecast for the Holiday Nov 22 2015 by Rachel Love

Weekly Love Forecast Nov 22nd by Medium Rachel love

Aires: Goddess Sake with the holidays, comes family. That in itself could be stressful. But for you my Aries friends you could actually discover love. No not with your cousins I am saying that there is perhaps someone your family knows that would make a very compatible lover for you. Now if your married or involved with another this might not be a good idea. But if nothing else the stars are saying it’s a great time to snuggle up with someone close. 

Taurus: Memories and traditions are the things that remind us who we are. In your case as love goes these traditions might spark some memories that could help you figure out what has been going on in your relationships. Looking back over the last year and the ones before,
you could perhaps see exactly why the things that bug you, bug you. You might see why the things your lover does causes you some concern. Relatives and close friends are going to be there to help you see clearly what is wrong and what needs correcting in your relationship issues. And if you are alone this holiday season you will still be effected. This insight will help you see clearly what you have been doing in past relationships that could be changed for future relationships. 

Gemini: Flirting and sexy words can bring a small spark into full flame. And we all love to use words and little gestures to flirt. Makes us feel like kids again. This week with all the holiday pressures and with Mercury moving into Sagittarius there is a possibility that our own words can trip you up. So be careful with the flirting. If your serious about wanting some love you might be best advised to use more action and less words to get your messages across.  The signs are pointing to a good potential for lovers to be from the signs Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. 

Cancer: Certainly with all the options for parties and get togethers for this holiday season the opportunities for finding love is great. There is one problem the stars ares showing me. You would prefer to know exactly all the variables before heading out to get involved in something. So what that means is that even if there is a great possibility that true love or a revival of love is possible this week, your sense of worry or concern about not having all the details worked out could discourage you from succeeding in finding it.  The stars are also suggesting that the person that you would do well with romantically is going thru some transitions themselves. Talk about a double whammy. 

Leo: Mercury moving into another of the Fire Signs will unleash your playful side. How fun! One caution that I must share with you. Someone from your past could show up this week and  bring temptation. This could either make things more fun or cause some divisions and doubts.  So come Monday your playful side will be let loose and then its all your game, Have fun. Yes, I know there are some restrictions in place now that are holding you back. But come Monday or Tuesday these chains will be loosened to alloy you the freedom to play.

Virgo: Feeling a bit emotional this week and knowing that you saw this coming. Or thinking it’s like this every year. Yes, I am sorry to say that this week it will be a tad more emotional that you would have liked. But consider this a healing time. A time to get down to the basics. As the trees show us when they drop their leaves and concentrate on their roots. But there is hope that by Tuesday or the latest Thursday a new player comes into your field, probably someone from the Fire Signs. It might just be small chunks of time the you interact with them but you will enjoy every second.

Libra: Some of the same emotional issues our Virgo Sisters are going thru will be affecting you also. You're going to be seeing some old relationships closing and new ones opening. Expect some of these upsets and opportunities will involve Gemini and Sagittarius friends. By Tuesday you could be wishing for a close friend or settling for shopping or a spa visit. But please don't allow the worry of these changes to impact your Thanksgiving plans. The signs are showing by next week your in a pretty great place romantically and relationship wise.

Scorpio: Your inner muse will be playing with the relationships in your world. What I am seeing is that you won’t have to do much as your energy will be playing all by herself in affecting those around you. Lots of flirting and possible encounters will be available. Like low hanging fruit all you have to do is reach out and pluck what ever meets your fancy.  Now that being said there is a very good chance for jealousy and some hurt feelings by someone very close to you. So if you want them to stay for the late show offer them some reassurance that the love scene towards the end of the film is worth the wait.

Sagittarius: Don't you just love the holiday colors so bright and beautiful. Especially if you live where the snow and ice has given everything a grey look to it. Bright Red bows and Green evergreens are everywhere, inviting shoppers to buy a gift for someone. Now I mention this as your life has changed a lot the last couple weeks. And there is a good chance you have your eyes open for a possible love interest. I am hearing that someone wearing red or even green would make a great present for your own gift. I am hearing that you are felling a little apprehensive about any more challenges in your life but I should encourage you that unless you remove the bow and ribbons you really won't know what is inside the box. 

Capricorn: The relatives and close friends of the holiday season should spark your concern about your intensities of love and commitments. You very well could be feeling a little unsettled in how things have slide off track in your relationships. I am now thinking of those icy roads I just drove over this morning. Just like that the icy roads of life can cause you to feel a bit anxious about ending up in the ditch or the wrong lane.  It seems you would  prefer to have someone close to you that is on the same journey as you are. Someone who appreciates timelines and goals. Someone who doesn't take the side streets looking for a short cut to success.  I am seeing that someone from the road less traveled could be just the right person for you. This person is connected somehow to the very same friends and relatives you will be seeing this week. See that I have driven back full circle to the first line of my prediction.

Aquarius: Loving the holiday activities and anxious I imagine for all the opportunities to be social and enjoy some much needed fun. But I am seeing some concern from Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces friends who think you are overdoing it. Truth is you're feeling wonderful, beginning to feel like your old self. Your friends are concerned as they haven't caught up with the new you yet. Or maybe the old you is a better term? Never mind the point is your back to being full strength and feeling great.  Btw I suspect there is a Scorpio that understands you love of life and would like to join in your fun.

Pisces: Mercury's move into Sagittarius will give you an extra lift especially when it comes to you emotions. Seems there could be some game playing with Gemini and Sagittarius this weekend that could bring up old hurts. You should be careful about making decisions for a bit longer. Once the full moon comes into play you would be better prepared for making decisions. Looks like you're thinking about moving again. Feeling the need for changes and this is all due to your relationships with Gemini and Sagittarius people.  Follow your heart for she knows the truth. 

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