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Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Tree and Termites

The Tree and Termites.

Yesterday my roommate and I got out the chainsaw and began to cut down a damaged tree in the front yard. Termites had eaten out the middle of the major trunk and limbs. The tree was in rough shape and we decided cutting it down was best.

So I was holding the chainsaw. The electric type on a pole. Cutting away at a pretty good size branch. As I was cutting through the limb, hundreds of black termites we're swarming out of the newly exposed hole. Soon the large branch came crashing down. I would think that they would all be trying to escape the fallen limb. But what they did instead was come crawling out of the holes in the fallen limb then turn around and hurry back into the branch. The large branch lay on the ground for some time. I wanted to give them time to leave the branch. Eventually that day I cut it up into smaller chunks to be used for firewood.

Today my roommate and I gathered some of those damaged limbs. Actually my roommate picked up the logs because I didn't like the bugs. He carried the logs using the wheelbarrow to the back yard near the fire pit. We started the fire and when it got going well enough he tossed in a couple of the logs.

The new logs caught on fire and smoke came rolling out of all the holes and tunnels the termites had created. Soon I could see dozens of termites coming out of the holes. They looked around and went back inside their smoke-filled house. There was opportunity near the edge of the fire for them to jump out to safety. But not one did. All of them went back into the log.

Made me think about human nature. I guess we are not much different then our insect friends. And I use that term friends loosely when it comes to insects and bugs and lizards and other crawly things. I guess it's the girl inside me. Bugs creep me out.

Anyway you would think if you experienced a chainsaw ripping apart your home. And your whole house came crashing down. If you've found yourself on the ground and your house is no longer attached to the tree. You would run away or at least go back to the tree. You would think after a day to think about this. Time maybe to hold community meetings. You would realize you should look for a new house, a new neighborhood or someplace safe. And later the next day, if your damaged home was on fire and filled with smoke you would make an attempt to escape. Not just look around and go back inside.

I know of people who have gone through similar experiences. Maybe not falling out of a tree. But experienced a dangerous neighborhood, a dangerous relationship or worse and never attempted to escape. Instead they ignore the danger. They either convince themselves it is not that bad. Or maybe it’s their fate. Or maybe someone will come and rescue them. Maybe pick them up put and them back in the tree.

Anyway I have wondered many times why some people would put up with terrible things and never try to leave. Now I just wonder if it is just part of human nature or nature in general to accept fate. Maybe it takes something different. A different understanding or something outside natural that wakes us up and tells us we should run. That we are in danger. But that kind thinking is real similar to the people in danger waiting for a savior.

The more I think about it, watching those termites who had the opportunity to escape many times. Maybe it was just an  issue involving their vision. You see termites live in darkness. It was too bright for them to see clearly the escape route. Or maybe they were afraid of the light more than the smoke-filled dark.

I know my rambling certainly did not clarify why people in danger don't attempt to escape. Certainly watching the termites and my writing my thoughts has caused me to ponder my own life. Many times I have been in a bad situation even though I knew better. 

I am thinking out loud here. Maybe its due to living in darkness and not really understanding what it is like to live in a world full of light, love and hope. Many of us are living in darkness, fear, worry and low to no self esteem. Maybe it’s about time to adjust to living in a lighted world. 

Author Rachel Love

Friday, April 3, 2015

Weekend Love Forecast April 3d

Weekend Love Forecast by Medium Rachel Love 

Aries: Rumor is that you have a rather intensive love life and your partner benefits from your boldness. Okay here's the rub for this weekend. With Mars and Venus entering Taurus there's a good chance your partner will have feelings of insecurity. So I'm going to suggest maybe a less physical approach to lovemaking with more cuddling. Softness is the key for this weekend.

Taurus Feeling safer and more secure in your love life. The way the planets are lining up you're also going to feel more interested in trying new positions or changing up things. This in turn could make you feel more vulnerable. That's okay it's good to be a little vulnerable when your in love.

Gemini: Imagine you're feeling like it's important to strengthen your relationship. The way the stars are lining up it's going to be a feeling of insecurity or doubt. The same stars are going to cause you to worry. Recognize there's nothing different in your relationship it's just feelings and trust yourself and your earlier decisions.

Cancer: You are going to need a very understanding partner this weekend, chances are there's some concerns in your relationship.  I can just see the thing underneath the surface. If you want to work this out you will need to communicate but it's going to be a difficult time because things can be taken wrong very easily.

Leo: Yours forecast is pretty easy with Venus and Pluto in the element of Earth. Simply it's best to leave things alone. To hold on to things. Mars is involved with the Sun and Uranus this might cause you to consider a change. But don't change your relationship. Maybe you can get a makeover instead.

Virgo: Venus and Pluto are connected. Honesty is very important this weekend. No more game playing. With Pisces an Aries coming into the picture if you're not honest there will be issues.

Libra: Do you feel that your love life and your relationships are topsy-turvy? The moon is influencing you and your relationship. Cosmos suggests to me that you should compensate for this moon by being more realistic. Almost lowering your standard and I'm not suggesting you go to the street to find love. What I am saying is to not be overcritical.

Scorpio: Actually it looks like this is a good time for love. I suspect that you have been feeling rather enthralled with someone or someone's lately. Obviously your juices are flowing lately. My one caution is that the Libra full moon could be causing you to daydream and the reality of this love might not meet your expectations.

Sagittarius: It looks like you're feeling pretty good about yourself and about your place in the universe. This self-love is actually causing you to be more desirable. You're in a very attractive place right now. If you're interested in lovemaking it is a good weekend for doing just that. This might be a good opportunity to understand better that you don't have to buy love. I mean by giving expensive presents, cooking meals or trying to impress. You are able to find love because you love yourself.

Capricorn: The Sun and Jupiter guarantees that you should feel much happier than of late. Okay Mars will be in a second planet Taurus and this is going to emphasize your passion. I am referring to the physical act of love. It's one thing to talk about love it's another thing to make love. Cosmos says that you need the physical part of love. Have fun girlfriend!

Aquarius: The connection of Venus Pluto and the Moon and Jupiter says that love is in the cards. I should say love is in the stars. So if you don't have a lover right now it's certainly good time to acquire a new one. And Jupiter says you might be able to raise the standard a bit from past lovers.

Pisces: is it possible there's been some issues in the bedroom of late? The  way the stars are lining up I am being told there could be some problems. Things have been one-sided and someone is not getting fair treatment. The Cosmo says the best way to work this out is to bring in a third-party. Of course that opens up some interesting doors doesn't.

Weekend Love Forecast by Medium Rachel Love