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Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Week Love Forecast by Rachel Love

Christmas Week Love Forecast by Medium Rachel Love Aires: Moon in your sign can cause some issues. Looks like you can expect a little drama due to the Mercury and Pluto at the Apex of your Solar Chart. Dress to impress as just a couple days before Christmas will be you most powerful time of the week. If you want a special gift reach you pretty hand out and receive it. Taurus: Possible multiple relationships could be made this week. Good week for a makeover and expect some flirting and perhaps more from people of the signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Your allure will be extra strong by Christmas Eve. Gemini: Mercury aligns with Pluto and this will help bring your juices to a boil. A little eggnog and mistletoe and you will have a fire going very quickly. Side note, there is a good chance you could discover another layer to yourself. Some new area that you discover could prove to be worth mining. A little hidden treasure locked deep inside your soul. Ok, or a new kinky side! Cancer: Pluto in your opposite sign could be pushing you towards a coupling with someone very different than you normally would be attracted to. A little spice never hurt the drink anyway. Looks like Christmas Eve plays well with you in the regards to financial advancement or big gifts for your cold nights. Leo: Fresh starts and new adventures can be attributed to Mercury and Pluto this week. You are probably thinking, I am getting tired of these fresh starts and would like to see something a little longer. But I can only share what the stars are showing. Looks like a person born under the signs of Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn will be involved in this new thing. Virgo: Risk taking and trying out the bad boy thing appears to be in your sign this week. Careful or Santa might just be putting a little coal in your stocking this Friday. Oh hell being good is overrated. Established relationships could be strained this week. But if it is strong it could handle a little pulling. Libra: Come Christmas Eve there could be a sense that things have changed and you find yourself lamenting Christmas Past. But I see promise of a Christmas Future that involves some much needed personal attention. Keep the faith there could just be more than presents waiting for you under that big tree. Scorpio: Mercury and Pluto are moving you towards a larger than life type relationship. Looks like some smoldering logs are about to reignite in the fireplace of your heart. Libra and Capricorn seems to be the logs that are most likely to fulfill your need for a hot fire type relationship. Sagittarius: Could be a ending of a relationship this week. Might involve money or property disputes. Or just stingy christmas gifts. But the stars are showing it is a time to decide which one is the best partner for you moving forward. Oh and be ready for some family drama on the big day. Christmas can stir some family dynamics back up again. Capricorn: You will be ready for some party games this week. Might consider a good old fashioned Murder Mystery or spin the bottle. The game doesn't matter its more about you and your need for role playing. You can see so many of your friends enjoying some little excitement and you want that candy cane taste in your mouth also. So instead of just living vicariously, the time is now for you to get in the game. Christmas Eve, or I guess the day before Christmas Eve seems like there is a good possibility you could hit the jackpot if you play the slots. If not you can at least take home a trophy worth holding onto. Aquarius: Uranus being at the right angle to Mercury, Add Mercury and Pluto to the mix and you have intrigue and meeting new people. Also you could come across as a little crazy. But that is not a problem during Holiday Parties blame the eggnog and let loose. Perhaps I am over stepping bounds here but the stars suggesting that some dress up or costumes would go well with your party plans. Oh by the way you have a semi secretive admirer that wants to share a costume with you. Pisces: Feeling the Christmas Past Ghosts this week. Looking backward and feeling stuck in a rut could be a problem. Seems you have a friend or two who travel a lot and you wish you could be like them, more gypsy like. But concerns about budgets and time constraints seem overwhelming especially during the holidays. But if you have a Santa who is an older Capricorn there might be some help in getting you to your dreams before 2016 ends. Midnight sleigh rides can be an excellent way to get out of town for a while.

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