New Earth Television

Monday, March 28, 2016

Time Shifting

I have shared before the feeling of time.. seeming to fleet back and forth from old memories to current situations.. been around long enough now to see the same movies redone over four times.. same music mixed into new music.. some fashion trends repeated. thankful not all of them.. eighties music is cool.. but aside washed jeans.. please..
I have gotten the point. Forgive me.. anyway.. time fleeting.. feeling of repetition and time moving quickly.. both backwards and forwards.. Dreams and virtual realities add to the feelings.. my youth sometimes rears her ugly head and reminds me where i came from.. 
Today i received from my father.. my moms divorce papers, her death certificates. along with family pics and paperwork from various marriages, divorces and death.. tears and regrets filled my heart at first.. 
Reading the paperwork took me back to a different time in life.. A time where you checked Legitimate or Not on a birth certificate. A place where you were married and had children at 16 or younger... A place where my past sprang from.. Secrets keep secret for decades.. Now all unfolding.. as I look at the old yellowed certificates..
Grateful for the life i was given.. Grateful for the lives lost along the way.. Grateful that all this has happened and brought me to this point in my life. Hopefully there is something that can be learned from all of it. Besides that repeating it over and over again probably isn't a good idea. 
The older I have become the more aware of the repeats I am witnessing.. Perhaps it is the natural cycle of life.. a circle.. But perhaps it is more related to how painful remembering our past mistakes are. That we ignore the lessons learned and repeat the process of learning it over again.

Sleeping With Destiny

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Sandman Dreams

My eyes still covered from Mr Sandman's dust.. Damn I hope it was just sand.. anyway.. awake.. almost completely.. last night's dream still singing in my head.. I am still daydreaming dreaming of Felix the Cat.. I know I have issues.. 
I have the Felix the Cat and Mary Poppins and the Whole Band from the Partridge Family roaming about in my morning thoughts.. All visitors from Christmas Past..
First and last was Felix.. He came with his Bag of Magic Tricks.. Then Mary Poppins dropped in with her big Black Bag of Supplies.. and somewhere during the night the Hippy Bus with the Partridges arrived at the front door.. and then set up and played. "Baby i Love You"
So what does this mean you might ask. Or most of you know better than to bother asking. As I will of course expound on my own interpretations without being asked. And your right. I will explain.
Or at least give you my own interpretations which you should take with a grain of sand.. Damn Sandman! I think it means we all come to this planet with our own supplies of Gifts and Talents. Some work alone and some work together like a band or family to accomplish something. Maybe like the Partridge family they travel to places to share their gifts. Or like Mary poppins she has a family in mind for her work. 
Or like Felix the Cat.. Actually I think Felix was more related to what I ate for dinner.. but even the Felix had his Bag of Magic to rely on as he did the things he did. 
Anyway I am awake and ready to make my first cup of coffee.. Awake in this world..

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Dreams and Virtual Realities

Waking earlier and earlier lately.. Dreams that make little sense.. Not scary dreams.. Not anything worrisome.. They are typical in so many ways.. Finding myself back in school.. Or the old job.. Apparently feeling I still need to finish something.. Dreams of things crumbling.. Even green sneakers.. 
So why do I share such things?... I've asked that of myself more lately also.. Somehow.. With the years of social media exposure I've become to consider this place as just another place where we gather to share with friends.. Like tea with girlfriends... 
Perhaps I should worry about dreams and the virtual reality that has become so much the reality of my life.. 
But I'm not concerned. Actually I have found that these other realities have become very helpful in my life.. Imagination was critical in childhood. Critical when trying to find ways to provide a living... 
Remember the old adage of "Let me sleep on it".. Dreams somehow help figure things out when decisions are tough.. Social media has allowed me to experience people from the far reaches of the Globe.. Conversations and experiences that wouldn't have been possible twenty years past. 
Sure traveling and being in the presence of friends and the reality of nature is very much a priority in my life. The real world is where I live and thrive. I'm just finding more and more how much the virtual life and the dream life are becoming part of my world..
Some of my friends are astral travelers and operate on multiple plains of existence.. Many of the shows I produce have hosts and guests with experience with the after life and or cosmic knowledge..
Some of the shows I produce will allow you to listen to a play created by playwrights and actors from different parts of the world.. All coming together via the net to create a play or experience that will entertain and take your mind to a created reality..
So as I think about my sleep patterns that have changed. I think about how almost everyone is now online.. Staring at little blue screens.. While waiting for appointments.. He'll just standing on sidewalks.. Laying in beds.. In vacations.. Everyone..all connected to the virtual realities..
I can see how much my world has changed.. From waking up as a newborn in a military hospital to a quaint cottage in Minnesota.. To the reality that our world is not just a physical world anymore.. 
I am not saying this is a bad thing or a good thing. Just like my dreams.. They are sometimes confusing.. Sometimes very helpful in figuring complicated things out. 
My question girlfriend.. Do you see this happening in your life also? Or am I still just dreaming?