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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Weekly Love Forecast for the Holiday Nov 22 2015 by Rachel Love

Weekly Love Forecast Nov 22nd by Medium Rachel love

Aires: Goddess Sake with the holidays, comes family. That in itself could be stressful. But for you my Aries friends you could actually discover love. No not with your cousins I am saying that there is perhaps someone your family knows that would make a very compatible lover for you. Now if your married or involved with another this might not be a good idea. But if nothing else the stars are saying it’s a great time to snuggle up with someone close. 

Taurus: Memories and traditions are the things that remind us who we are. In your case as love goes these traditions might spark some memories that could help you figure out what has been going on in your relationships. Looking back over the last year and the ones before,
you could perhaps see exactly why the things that bug you, bug you. You might see why the things your lover does causes you some concern. Relatives and close friends are going to be there to help you see clearly what is wrong and what needs correcting in your relationship issues. And if you are alone this holiday season you will still be effected. This insight will help you see clearly what you have been doing in past relationships that could be changed for future relationships. 

Gemini: Flirting and sexy words can bring a small spark into full flame. And we all love to use words and little gestures to flirt. Makes us feel like kids again. This week with all the holiday pressures and with Mercury moving into Sagittarius there is a possibility that our own words can trip you up. So be careful with the flirting. If your serious about wanting some love you might be best advised to use more action and less words to get your messages across.  The signs are pointing to a good potential for lovers to be from the signs Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. 

Cancer: Certainly with all the options for parties and get togethers for this holiday season the opportunities for finding love is great. There is one problem the stars ares showing me. You would prefer to know exactly all the variables before heading out to get involved in something. So what that means is that even if there is a great possibility that true love or a revival of love is possible this week, your sense of worry or concern about not having all the details worked out could discourage you from succeeding in finding it.  The stars are also suggesting that the person that you would do well with romantically is going thru some transitions themselves. Talk about a double whammy. 

Leo: Mercury moving into another of the Fire Signs will unleash your playful side. How fun! One caution that I must share with you. Someone from your past could show up this week and  bring temptation. This could either make things more fun or cause some divisions and doubts.  So come Monday your playful side will be let loose and then its all your game, Have fun. Yes, I know there are some restrictions in place now that are holding you back. But come Monday or Tuesday these chains will be loosened to alloy you the freedom to play.

Virgo: Feeling a bit emotional this week and knowing that you saw this coming. Or thinking it’s like this every year. Yes, I am sorry to say that this week it will be a tad more emotional that you would have liked. But consider this a healing time. A time to get down to the basics. As the trees show us when they drop their leaves and concentrate on their roots. But there is hope that by Tuesday or the latest Thursday a new player comes into your field, probably someone from the Fire Signs. It might just be small chunks of time the you interact with them but you will enjoy every second.

Libra: Some of the same emotional issues our Virgo Sisters are going thru will be affecting you also. You're going to be seeing some old relationships closing and new ones opening. Expect some of these upsets and opportunities will involve Gemini and Sagittarius friends. By Tuesday you could be wishing for a close friend or settling for shopping or a spa visit. But please don't allow the worry of these changes to impact your Thanksgiving plans. The signs are showing by next week your in a pretty great place romantically and relationship wise.

Scorpio: Your inner muse will be playing with the relationships in your world. What I am seeing is that you won’t have to do much as your energy will be playing all by herself in affecting those around you. Lots of flirting and possible encounters will be available. Like low hanging fruit all you have to do is reach out and pluck what ever meets your fancy.  Now that being said there is a very good chance for jealousy and some hurt feelings by someone very close to you. So if you want them to stay for the late show offer them some reassurance that the love scene towards the end of the film is worth the wait.

Sagittarius: Don't you just love the holiday colors so bright and beautiful. Especially if you live where the snow and ice has given everything a grey look to it. Bright Red bows and Green evergreens are everywhere, inviting shoppers to buy a gift for someone. Now I mention this as your life has changed a lot the last couple weeks. And there is a good chance you have your eyes open for a possible love interest. I am hearing that someone wearing red or even green would make a great present for your own gift. I am hearing that you are felling a little apprehensive about any more challenges in your life but I should encourage you that unless you remove the bow and ribbons you really won't know what is inside the box. 

Capricorn: The relatives and close friends of the holiday season should spark your concern about your intensities of love and commitments. You very well could be feeling a little unsettled in how things have slide off track in your relationships. I am now thinking of those icy roads I just drove over this morning. Just like that the icy roads of life can cause you to feel a bit anxious about ending up in the ditch or the wrong lane.  It seems you would  prefer to have someone close to you that is on the same journey as you are. Someone who appreciates timelines and goals. Someone who doesn't take the side streets looking for a short cut to success.  I am seeing that someone from the road less traveled could be just the right person for you. This person is connected somehow to the very same friends and relatives you will be seeing this week. See that I have driven back full circle to the first line of my prediction.

Aquarius: Loving the holiday activities and anxious I imagine for all the opportunities to be social and enjoy some much needed fun. But I am seeing some concern from Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces friends who think you are overdoing it. Truth is you're feeling wonderful, beginning to feel like your old self. Your friends are concerned as they haven't caught up with the new you yet. Or maybe the old you is a better term? Never mind the point is your back to being full strength and feeling great.  Btw I suspect there is a Scorpio that understands you love of life and would like to join in your fun.

Pisces: Mercury's move into Sagittarius will give you an extra lift especially when it comes to you emotions. Seems there could be some game playing with Gemini and Sagittarius this weekend that could bring up old hurts. You should be careful about making decisions for a bit longer. Once the full moon comes into play you would be better prepared for making decisions. Looks like you're thinking about moving again. Feeling the need for changes and this is all due to your relationships with Gemini and Sagittarius people.  Follow your heart for she knows the truth. 

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Weekly Love Forecast Nov 16th by Rachel Love

Weekly Love Forecast Nov 16 2015 by Rachel Love

Aires: Looks like you could experience mind fog this next week. It might feel like there is a secret but you are missing a piece of the puzzle. Things will be tough as far as you trying to get to the truth of things. This could prove bothersome especially since the stars show someone close to you is interested in a deeper relationship. You will have to trust the universe on this potential relationship.

Taurus: A bit of a financial issue is probably going to be rearing its ugly head. Looks like some issues from the late 2014 could be the cause. Also looks like someone has been receiving unfair advantage on your expense. So it is probably a good idea to check your balances and maybe restrict access to your accounts to only yourself or a very trusted relative. Also look for those small money vampires that eat away at your bottom line. 

Gemini: Relationships are going to feel like a broken teeter/totter type relationship this week. What I mean by that you will problem feel like you are not getting an equal deal with your relationships. It will feel like you are not getting the lift you expect from your partner. And with Neptune standing over the scene, looks like you could expect an unreasonable request from a loved one also. 

Cancer: Your ability to help others could come in handy this week. With so many people facing challenges you should expect some coming your way to seek advice and guidance. The trouble is that your own confidence could be tested this week also. So perhaps write some your good advice down and post it on the fridge just to remind yourself. Hell of a week ahead but I am confident you will still find humor in the craziness you will see.

Leo: Testing phase doesn't ignore you either my lioness friends.  Quarter moon in opposite sign come Thursday will bring it to the height of testing. Suspect that it will be with someone you hold in high standing. One thing I am seeing or hearing is that maybe you should consider changing up your inner circle and removing some who are not really on the same playing field as you. 

Virgo: No break for the working girl this week. With all the testing going on you are probably going to be feeling the squeeze to work harder and take less personal time. I am even seeing  strings being tightened. You could consider turning your hobbies int a money making proposition. Now I just heard that and I am not one to encourage making everything about money. But I had to share what I heard. 

Libra: Perhaps if you put a smile on and turn on your magical charm you could convince a Taurus or Sagittarius to help you with some issues this week. You know how to shine and you know how to get what you need. Good thing as this week the universe is turning up the heat when it comes to things written down. This could mean religious issues or legal issues but certainly some things are going to cause you issues and extra help would be a good idea.

Scorpio: Perhaps patience is a virtue and you should be winning the Virtue of the Year Award by now. But looks like even you patience will be coming to the thin part of the skin.  Thought that sounded better in my head than it did when I wrote it down. Anyway come Friday or Saturday an old time friend will be again offering advice. The thing is do you listen or cut back on your energy wastes with ungrateful people.

Sagittarius: The universe mentioned age but I am not going there. The important thing to look at is  whether you are being truly appreciated and given the credit for the things you deserve to be credited for. It may be that you need to change up your home environment a bit. Also concentrate on the big picture. Like where are you expecting yourself to be in a year or two. Looks like the signs are pointing at you making some real plans to help you be more successful. This would include using some talent like writing or art that you have not been using for a long time.

Capricorn: Use your social skills and try to get people to notice you. For this week is not about who you are or what you can do.  You will almost disappear in peoples eyes as the week of testing will have most people paying closer attention to their own issues. Now I know that is not what you wanted to hear. And there is a good chance that you might be tempted to just sit back and relax in a hot tube for the  week. Allowing things to settle down and get back to normal. That does sound sweet doesn't it? But the universe is showing that you need to get noticed and that  if you ever expect to move on or get that good part or relationship you will have to be social. Nice smile, a little perfume and heels and with the holiday party season in full swing you will shine brightly.

Aquarius: Looks like it is the week to draw the line in the sand. Set boundaries and take action to prevent any further problems. Yes, I am seeing relationship issues dating back seven years that have found a way to  reemerge into your garden of life. Like nasty weeds the best way to deal with them is to pull them up roots and all. On the bright side there does seem to be a flower or a rose of a person who you have admired that will be visiting your garden this week. I am seeing money and time investment opportunities also in your forecast.

Pisces: Perhaps the best offense is a defense. Or there is some long ago quote going in my head right now. Anyway I am seeing that you should be feeling like you are at the end of your rope physically, mentally and spiritually. Let’s blame it on Neptune standing over your chart. So this is what I am seeing, a need for you to get caught up on your rest. Find time to relax and for goodness sake cut back on the drinking and try eating better. Lots of tests and examinations by others this week and you want to be at your physical best. 

Monday, November 9, 2015

Weekly Love Forecast Nov 9th

Weekly Love Forecast Nov 9th 2015 by Medium Rachel Love

Aries: There could be some frustration in your week. This centered on those who say they are going to do something and don't follow thru.  It is not so much their fault as it is the timing with the stars . Expect more movement come later in the week when Mars moves into Libra. Speaking of later in the week, Wednesday would be a great day if you need to get something special from someone. You should be experiencing a little extra favor from those that are holding gifts.        

Taurus:  By weeks end there will be extra eyes on just about anything you do and you could be feeling the extra expectation on your life. But the beginning of the week seems like a very good time to get in some me time. Relax and enjoy some special time just for yourself. Best to be rested and ready for the Friday work load. 

Gemini: Creativity is in your stars this week. Venus today and then Mars Friday all help with your creative side. One note I should mention is that past relationships could come into play. And you should actually be in a good place for them to be more willing to work with you and compromise.  Unfortunately I am not seeing any sign that there is a guarantee this will last longer than this week.

Cancer: You should be feeling pretty good about your life by midweek. Blessings and benefits are in your forecast. Someone younger will be needing your guidance. Yes, I know that is a common thing with you as of late. But there will certainly be some chances to use your wisdom to help someone out. Venus then Mars, will be hanging in the home part of your solar chart for the next few week. And that pretty much guarantees that the younger person will be a loved one.

Leo: You could really make some financial gain and move forward with some ideas you have had if you are willing to work with another.  If not there is a window with the New Moon Wednesday where you might be able to do it alone. If you hurry with your plans by the weekend it looks like a possibility.  Ok I hear you what has this to do with romance?  If you take any financial gains and apply them to love relationships.  Forgive me I was teasing. Truth is a relationship that could benefit both of you romantically is the stars also. And long term this partner would help financially. 

Virgo:  Finance and prosperity will be affected by first Venus and then by Friday Mars. Great time to find some extra money in your mail. But looks like some unexpected complication will arrive in your mail by Wednesday or Thursday. These complications are actually here to help with your long term outlook. As there is a solar eclipse in your sign come September. 

Libra: Venus, Mars and then the New Moon all are saying Fresh Start! And there is some sense that a change of scenery would be a great idea. Or at least meet up with someone who has traveled a lot and can share with you some places they have been lately. Not just pics form Facebook I might add. A real person wha has done real traveling is a great possibility if you cant get out yourself for some reason.

Scorpio: Same issues with the New Moon as it appears that you might find yourself wondering where to go or what to do to get your life moving forward. Looks like  the answer is  already found but you are or were not ready to accept the answer. I suspect that by Friday you will have the willingness to do what needs to be done and get on with your life.

Sagittarius:  Meeting people and expanding your network is certainly a focus this week. At least before the weekend you should expect to meet at least one or two interesting people. Also looks like someone you have known for a while has some new ideas that could inspire you to challenge yourself with some new goals. So basically this is a good solid work week for you.  Love making might take a back seat. But hell there is certainly time for some quick down and dirty back seat action once the sun goes down.

Capricorn: Lots of possibilities this week, but I am seeing money could be a hindrance. Good chance that in a few weeks the money will come but in the mean time try to find time for yourself. Take some time off or find ways to do more work at home and less time at the office or on the road. Looks like others will be expecting a lot of your time this week but try to remember yourself and schedule time for recharging. As I said the stars show the money will come so you don't want to be overtired or sick when the check comes in.

Aquarius: Showing a good chance for both rewards at home and at the bank. If you have a lawsuit pending there could be some movement this week. A home loan could be approved or anything dealing with banks is looking good. I am seeing that this new energy might push you into some things that will come to fruition by December Solstice. 

Pisces: The New Moon Wednesday shows a change is coming and it appears to be in relationship with your professional efforts. A new respect from those you respect as they seem to discover more of what you have been doing as of late.  Seems late July’s effort will be coming home to roost. Now I am thinking of Thanksgiving Turkeys, oh well.  Anyway your expertise will be of extra value to those you love and those who count on you to help. And if you wanted to start a new job or a new relationship this is your week to do just that.

Weekly Love Forecast Nov 9 2015

Monday, November 2, 2015

Weekly Love Forecast Nov 2nd 2015

Love Forecast Nov 2nd 2015

Weekly Love Forecast Nov 2nd 2015 By Rachel Love

Aries: This is what I am seeing or hearing in regards to your week. First there are some people who think you move to quickly and you should slow down. The second thing I am seeing is that you are well aware of what is going on behind the scenes and you are not really concerned what others think. You know you made a good decision and you are confident that decision will prove to be fruitful.  The signs are showing that things are indeed going your way and that you should continue to be confident.

Taurus: You are also being affected in a similar way as Aires. Your ideas are being looked at and some may feel that you have not taken the time to research or prepare yourself for your recent  decisions. I am seeing that you are ready and that you should go ahead with your plans. The only thing that might need more help on is publicity or a sales person. I see someone will be offering to help but they want to get a piece of the pie. You wont really need that help. 

Gemini: Worry and concern about little details seems to be in your thoughts this week.  We all know the devil is in the details but sometimes we just need a good exorcism and move on. There is a confrontation with someone close to you this week. Believe in your intuition and stay true to your heart. Please don't get caught up int he little details this week. That will not bring you any closer to figuring out what happened or what is coming. Follow your gut and trust yourself.

Cancer: Your ready to go now and you are felling confident of your own voice, once again. This is a week when some ideas from the beginning of the year are coming back at you strong and clear. You should also discover again hat others want you on their team and that you are actually a vital part in some peoples world. Expect some important news by week end, probably from a close friend.

Leo: Looks like some doubts and insecurities could come creeping into your week. A week of evaluations and determining where you are going and the basic, why am I here? type questioning. Looks like you will do ok and even find that you are more loved that you might believe. Someone loves you enough to even be willing to break the rules for you, if needed.

Virgo: Venus and Mars aligning in your sign this week. So that shows there could be something from two years back coming into your present situation. Should expect some interesting dreams and memories popping up. Cosmic stuff trying to show you something from your family. Something related to why you are where you are now. A good conversation with an older family member should be helpful.

Libra: Venus and Mars aligning Tuesday will probably bring a work related proposal together. Something that requires you to have a partner. Someone that can help you with the details and probably related to marketing. Whatever your situation, working or not it still seems there is a great chance that something worthwhile is needing your contribution this week.

Scorpio: Your extra sharp this week due to not only your own education and capacities but Mercury joins the Sun in your sign. Now that being said there seems to be a person of the sign Cancer that will help you see something that you were blind to.  Some emotions and jealousies will develop from outside your relationship with this person. But I am also seeing you're involvement will help the Cancer Sign person deal with some issues that they couldn't on their own.

Sagittarius: Financial issues are in your sign, So be careful of what you put your signature on. There seems to be a connection with how much things are really costing you compared with what you thought they would. This financial thing could go out as far as the end of the month. I am getting the feeling this is connected with a loved one. So just keep your eye open for unexpected terms or offers.

Capricorn: Your leadership capabilities could be called for this week. At least there are lots of people that would appreciate your help. Be a Big Sister or take on an apprentice. As your gifts and leadership abilities are heightened by the Venus and Mars influences. One other thing your ability to see things clearly could help you fix an issue from the past that you might have thought was not possible. 

Aquarius: Financial issues are in your week. Looks like you are about to be clear of some financial obligations giving you more room to breathe.  Or at least you should be in a better place by years end.  I am also seeing,  you should probably visit someone who is home bound or in such a place they can’t get out to see you. They should have some valued information that could help you with finances. 

Pisces: Venus and Mars will cause a shift in your world this week. A relationship will be ending. Probably due to financial pressures. There will be partnerships that no longer work well for you or them. All this is happing and it is not due to you  are not giving enough or sacrificing enough. It is just how things go. Season of change type thing. I am hearing that taking time to write down things you expect should help with the basis for some new beginnings.