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Saturday, June 20, 2015

We are not limited to a prescribed Destiny

Our world is made up of different class systems. We have the rich, the poor, the educated the uneducated. And let us not forget the differences in color and heritage. All these different things make up the way we are respected, neglected and given opportunities or denied opportunities.

One of the basic classes that directly impacts us is our gender identification. From early childhood to old age our gender is a marker and in great part determines our destiny. 

Many people believe you can not change your destiny. I believe we are able to change our path and decide ourselves who we are and what want out of life.  We can stand up and not allow someone else to decide our future. 

It is possible to alter our identity and belief systems. It is not easy but it is possible. And many people are doing just that. And some are going to extra lengths to change even the biggest class distinction and that is our gender. 

By changing genders we prove once and for all there is nothing not even our  own bodies that can define us as less than anyone else. We can change genders and change the way we are treated, Change the way we are perceived by others and by ourselves.  

We challenge the very basic way we are judged and defined by society by proving that we are more than just boy or girl. We are human and human should not be divided up by gender or limited in our opportunities because of our  gender. 

Society is going to change and it is changing. Many brave people are waking up to the reality that they are not limited if they chose not to be. They can change their belief and their destiny. 

I have done it and i challenge you to take a closer look at yourself. Are you accepting the restrictions on your life because you thought you couldn’t change it?  I can tell you from my heart that you can change your destiny. All it takes it to awaken to your own truth.

                                                             Rachel Love

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Weekend Love Guide June 12th by Starchild

Weekend Love Guide June 12th 2015

Weekend Love Guide June 12 by Rachel Starchild

Aries: it has been a hell of a ride the last few weeks. Retro grade finally ended Thursday. Giving all of us a break. Mars has been affecting your moods and even causing you to have a feeling like you just need to run. As far as this weekend goes with Uranus in your sign, things have turned around for you. There are lots opportunities with lots of potential for a good time in your future.

Taurus: you are going to be hungry for love this weekend. I could have said the word horny but chose hungry instead. With retrograde finally ended you are going to want to get something more pleasant to replace that bad taste your mouth. It's been a rough few weeks time to celebrate it's over! Enjoy this weekend with gusto!

Gemini:celebrating your birthday this month and with Mercury and Mars helping it certainly is a time for celebration! Now with Jupiter angled with Uranus this means lots of possibilities for you with lots of open doors and plenty of action behind closed doors. Be sure to pay attention and look out for some new lovemaking opportunities.

Cancer: the last few weeks it felt more like a dream than a reality. Now that it's changing it's time to get a plan. Put into action what you been dreaming about. It is time to get your juices flowing. There are going to be plenty of chances for strong lovemaking for you. I am even hearing that there're some goddess energy available to bring your lovemaking to a higher level. I can't help but giggle when I think about the gods and goddesses above looking down at lovemaking. Some form of celestial porn I guess.

Leo I'm being told the stars are lined up in a pattern that has not been seen for a very long time. Which means you have some possibilities for something really special happening. And not just in lovemaking, when your partner comes out of the bathroom with attached love making props. Not that there's anything wrong with props. Let your creative juices flow and expect a very good weekend period

Virgo: the new moon approaching Gemini maybe causing your emotions to be all the place. But this is ending with a time of clarity. With Mercury interacting in the cosmos it is time to stop playing and get serious. Time to look seriously at your relationship. Is this what you really want or are you just wasting time until something better comes along? The cosmos is telling me there is a magical surge coming this weekend that could empower you to find what you really want and what you really need to be happy.

Libra: expect a surprise this weekend. I'm also hearing that you could have a spicy weekend. Uranus and Aries is forming an angle with Jupiter which causes prosperity. So if you're brave enough to push the envelope, just a little bit .it all might turn into a very pleasant surprise indeed! 

Scorpio: you are not well known for taking it easy or doing things halfway. This is your weekend to push it full throttle! There is just one thing missing, a key perhaps? Hopefully this weekend you'll learn with that key is. It'll open the door to a very fun experience with financial potential included. I would also suggest a new négligée for the weekend.

Sagittarius: a lot of energy this weekend and that's a good thing. But there needs to be some communication with your lover. If you want to progress pass this block? I am being told that your desires are growing and your needs increasing. If you had this talk it could work out for both of you. Either way you have a great opportunity to find a satisfying lover. Perhaps even your soulmate. Satisfying both your physical needs and your spiritual needs.

Capricorn: it has been a rough few weeks and you have faced some trials. You know that it should work out but some reason it hasn't. Well that is changing. Everything is lined up and all the players ready for the game to begin. The only thing holding you back is your belief system. You have to believe in yourself. It's not about believing in others. It's about believing in you.

Aquarius: you know how to put two and two together. But with retrograde all you got out of it was information. Venus is moving into Leo and your house of relationships. So you can take that information and make it work for you. In fact you have so much free energy you could have just about anyone you wanted, in any combination. Certainly the ball is on your side of the court. And I have no idea what that means it just came to me.

Pisces: being as sensitive as you are the last few weeks has been tough. The Sun, Mercury and Mars in Gemini in your house of home have been contributing to your emotions. To help you reign in your emotions, Uranus and Jupiter are lined up this weekend. Plus what you have learned the last few weeks has helped you with your inner healing.You now have the information to turn things around. Climb up on top that stallion and ride it for all it is worth. You have survived. Time to party!