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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Love Predictions week Feb 26th by Medium Rachel Love

Weekly Love Predictions for the week of February 28th 
Based loosely on the Horoscope by Medium Rachel Love 

Aires:  I am looking at your life and it looks like there's some insecurity right now.  Perhaps you are overthinking your last encounters. I am seeing that this insecurity should go away as the winter chill very soon. So relax your love life should continue to improve.

Taurus:  Your probably feeling a tad confused right now when it comes to your love life.  What I am seeing is that your worried about loosing control. Well, while I can see your point. The act of falling in love is about loosing control and trusting the universe.  And letting go of fear which causes your desire for control.

Gemini:  Things are moving forward in your relationship. Things are coming together and the building blocks for a long relationship is being laid. Despite the momentary concern you have you will soon be comforted by seeing some very visible  proof.

Cancer:  I can actually see some eroticism in your love life. With Mercury opposing Jupiter this weekend there could be some relaxing on the moral high ground. Might just find this extra spice a lot of fun.

Leo:  Feeling like you got the short end of the stick in this relationship? Good chance this is all connected with a communication issue. The signs all line up that say if you want to talk about it you can get this worked out to bring everyone the pleasure they deserve.

Virgo:  That Mars Venus thing is causing you some pretty erotic feelings. But of course you might be falling in love and then again there is some concern that this is one sided. Check your dreams are you confusing  someone for another? In your dreams does the face look different that the one you are imagining? 

Libra: You are  enjoying some very beautiful relationships right now. Things are good and your soul is enjoying some much needed recharging. Enjoy this time of recharging and relax as the Cancer Moon will bring you some much needed closeness.

Scorpio:  Your also enjoying some pretty good loving as of late. There is some concern that some of it is more imaginary than true. Same time I am seeing that there is a cross over between your love life and professional life. Maybe an office affair?

Sagittarius: You are entering into a place of eroticism and Tantric experiences. What I am seeing is your spirit is going to be able to expand into the astral plane to a higher degree if you mix the physical and spiritual parts of your life this week. If you like you can blame this sudden desire for erotic fun  on something, just say it’s the moon fault.

Capricorn:  Looks like some sparks could fly this weekend as Venus and Mars In Aries has some issues.  This being said the weekend could bring issues but you should remember it all works out and the best medicine is to be kind in how you remember this weekend.

Aquarius: Imagine you are  feeling a bit hurt after this last episode with your lover. So I am advising you to be careful and take it slow for a while.  We have some turbulent energies heading your way with Venus and Uranus this next weekend. 

Pisces: Looks like your hungry for some good loving. Timing is the  issue this week. Can you arrange your timing with your lover to make this work?  The planets tell me the timing should be perfect. Only one concern needs to be dealt with. That is your moral compass could be causing you to get lost. You should consider why you feel guilty about this lover. It is causing you to miss this perfect opportunity to experience some great lovemaking.