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Friday, March 27, 2015

Your Weekend Love Guide Friday, March 27

Your weekend Love Guide for Friday, March 27 by medium Rachel Love

Aries: You got this girlfriend you are in control and you're very happy to have the situation you're in and you would love to have it go on forever. I can only tell you it will last for the weekend. I can also tell you that your passion could definitely get out of control this weekend. Hell that might be of fun thing.

Taurus: Venus, Neptune and then into Jupiter, definitely the stars promises you happiness. You certainly wouldn't have to do anything you don't want to do to maintain this level of contentment. Perhaps it is time to say no to some of the expectations you have been accepting for too long just to please someone else. 

Gemini: Venus and Jupiter are saying that perhaps you're forgetting how happy you really are. Perhaps even keeping you from understanding how much you're loved. This may seem weird I'm encouraged to encourage you to start a list, a happiness list. List of things that make you happy in your relationship.

Cancer:  You want a close  relationship with somebody special you have to take some time out from the  public eye. Between social media, fellow workers, all these things are all keeping you from the intimate relationship you're seeking. Perhaps overthinking what everybody else will consider a good relationship. These will all have an impact on your love-life.

Leo: Things are changing in your life especially when it comes to intimacy. You know that it’s not working for you anymore but you continue to cling onto it. The cosmos is telling me that there's going to be some major shake up in your relationships and in your life. You will find a lot of extremes in the near future. All based on your knowing something must change.

Virgo: Venus and Neptune in a favorable connection for love peace and harmony. Taurus moon is saying leave things status quo. But Mercury is going to cause some issues. It's good time to  bring up some old hurts. These hurts need mending and healing. This would be great weekend for healing those past hurts.

Libra: You've a very happy if you can make your lover and you  come together in perfect harmony. The temptation will come to cause mischief to stir the pot. Cosmos tells me that you really want this relationship to work. If so quit stirring the pot . 

Scorpio: The sun has reached the sign of Aires. This would give you courage to follow your heart. With Saturn in Sagittarius and Aries sun you should begin to feel pretty secure. Even though you got this going for you. you still might feel vulnerable perhaps over old experiences. The signs say you're in a pretty good place to actually follow your heart and not worry so much.

Sagittarius: I was going to put this in more delicate terms. But I think the best way to describe this weekend and your desire is just simply say you're horny as hell. The cosmos  shares with me that you should put that desire to good use.

Capricorn: Venus in Taurus ( lol my speech to text always gets the wrong word when i say this) anyway Venus in Taurus will mean your body will really enjoy pleasure this weekend. As if you needed an excuse to enjoy pleasure. The cancer moon tonight could encourage much more closeness. But if you don't get to enjoy sex tonight you might make an appointment for Sunday night for that Leo Moon could help trip your trigger in a big way.

Aquarius: In your case Venus in Taurus asked that you consider some peace in your relationship. Less drama and acting out would be good plan. It would be a very good weekend for relaxing around the house, for taking it easy. And cuddling while watching some old movies would be a good way to enjoy this whole Venus thing.

Pisces: It is that Venus and Taurus thing again in your sign. So the cosmos is telling me that you're making things to complicated. Even difficult to figure yourself out lately. As you're not sure where you going or what are you doing next and the playfulness and flirting you've been doing for a while now has made you fascinating to your lover. But there's a good chance this weekend that this complication might cause your lover to move on. I am going to suggest for your love making this weekend to not involve complicated plots. To  keep the chains and whips to just one pair and don't bring too many lovers into the mix.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Love Predictions March 4th by Medium Rachel Love

Love Predictions

Love Predictions March 4th by Medium Rachel Love

Aires: Looks like the Venus / Uranus thing is going to affect your love-life this week. Can't help but giggle. Okay I'll be serious. This Venus / Uranus connection can cause you feelings that you really want to free yourself from an old relationship or the new relationship you just got involved in. You might think that it is moving too quickly.  Basically you are ready for a change and its probably more than just Spring Fever at this point.

Taurus: The Leo Moon should be giving you a feel-good feeling. It is moving into the Virgo Phase and soon into the full moon This will give you time to seriously look at your love life. Check in on your relationships you might find there's issues you would like to workout. Just remember your love life is very important to you and you should pay attention to it and this week is a great time to do so.

Gemini: Venus reaches Uranus and frees itself from Pluto. Guessing you are so tired of people giving relationship advice that you could just puke!  Encouragement advice like, He will be ok once things settle down. Give her time to find herself,  Men his age do have intimacy problems. Excuses and Advice you don't want! Saturn in Sagittarius highlights your desire and means you are now ready to set higher standards for your lovemaking and intimacy requirements. 

Cancer: I bet you feel like you can do anything. You are  ready to take on anyone at anytime and anyplace. This dynamic could be slowed down during the next Full Moon. But no worries your confidence is on the rise and nothing can stop you! One  caveat though, quit taking responsibility for other people's failures. Demand what you want don't settle for half hearted attempts by men to please you in bed.

Leo: Venus and  Uranus which I mentioned before many times in the other predictions is in the picture for you also. And you can expect some surprising twists in relationships. You could indeed feel that things have become too complicated in your love life. And you desire change. Just make sure you talk out your issues and maybe this could be time for you to be on top and direct the attention you so desire.

Virgo:  The Virgo Full Moon this weekend will cause you to focus on your personal relationships. I expect you're going to find some deficiencies in the performance of your partner. So the question is what is more important to you. Do you stick it out with familiar and lukewarm? Or are you up to searching for some hot stuff? It is up to you girlfriend!

Libra: Your little pink book is probably full of possible lovers. But I sense that you are getting tired of them. Has your current list of contacts been able to trip your trigger lately? Are you interested in looking for more spark in your relationships? I hear the cosmos say the issues are connected with your self esteem. Let me just remind you girlfriend you're hot merchandise, you don't have to settle for something limp and cold.

Scorpio: The Universe tells me that you might be losing ground lately. With Venus, Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter all lining up the way they are it becomes obvious that you have been  losing ground when it comes to relationships. This Virgo Moon could help highlight the discrepancies in you relationships. Consider changing tactics and win one for the home team! 

Sagittarius: Again Venus and Uranus are causing you issues. And interacting with Jupiter they could cause quite a wild adventure filled love story for your week. It could cause  such a complication that you will get this feeling that you need to run and run far. And maybe that's a good thing? As the cosmos tells me you just might find a true love out there as you still have someone special in your future.

Capricorn: With the Leo Moon you should be feeling really good. If you had a recent argument with a lover it's a very good time for makeup sex. Mercury, Venus and Mars in the forecast you can bet seduction is in the stars.  This would be a perfect time for a little sexual enchantment with the Full Moon shining on your entwined bodies.

Aquarius: Leo Moon’s fire energy could cause some sparks and passion for you this week. Some screaming and hair pulling could be ignited into a full blown, party! Perhaps the toys might come out from under the mattress for some play acting this week.

Pisces:  You are  going to enjoy some real fun this week. Flirting and acting out will be part of the fun. This will create some really good vibes for you and give you a sense that you can climb on top of any obstacle. Your ready for some full size loving. And a side note use this extra sexiness to forget about those old times when you weren't feeling so empowered and sexy. You are the vixen this week. Sharpen your nails baby and leave your mark on their backs.