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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Weekend Love Guide May 29th by Rachel Starchild

Weekend Love Guide May 29th by Rachel Starchild

Weekend Love Guide May 29th by Rachel Starchild

Aires: I have heard that a good conversation is almost as good as sex. Okay that might be bit of a stretch but the cosmos is telling me that conversation is going to be a part of your weekend. It seems you have some things that you can work out. It also seems that your partner has some questions about you. I am giggling as I remember this saying from my mom “Young lady you have some explaining to do”.

Taurus: It seems like you could have some issues with who's in charge in your relationship. I don't know why but money appears to be part of the issue. Perhaps it would be a good weekend to buy new pair of shoes just to show them who is the boss.

Gemini: You could be dealing with some internal struggle. You probably want some time alone. Good chance you might be a bit on the cranky side. You could consider a good bottle wine and let this issue work itself out ,of course don't skip a AA meeting if you have one this weekend. No honestly it's all related to that retrograde nonsense. A lot of  us have been struggling with our past and ourselves. It'll get better quickly, fingers crossed.

Cancer:  A lot of emotion and uncertainty surrounds your relationship this weekend it is important to not own this as it really is their issue not yours. That being said it will have impact unless you get on top of it. Take the lead and climb up on top and ride that pony for all its worth.

Leo: If your lover is a Sagittarius you have it good this weekend if not there could be some issues. It seems as if somebody who is not your friend is just trying to stir things up between you and your lover. This is connected to the retrograde, just watch your back girlfriend.

Virgo: With the moon in your sign its should be encouraging you to speak up. This would be a good weekend to get something that you really want. And also a good weekend to determine what would you like in this relationship. Might take some whips and chains or at least a nice pair of high heels  but you should get what you want!  Which is always fun.

Libra: Damn retrograde! Looks like you could have some issues from your past mistakes show up this weekend. I'm supposed to encourage you to listen closely because there is some understanding that will help you in the future.You might consider using an alias on Facebook from now on.

Scorpio: You know how it’s supposed to be summer and you go out and buy new sandals and sundresses but it keeps raining. I know that it’s irritating but it happens sometimes. The same thing could be said about your relationship. You expect beautiful things but things have not been as sunny as you have wanted them to be.

Sagittarius:  Ok, four months back something happened that'll be impacting you this weekend. This particular thing that happened four months back tis actually a learning experience that will help you now. I know that doesn't sound sexy and sometimes these predictions can be confusing. The cosmos tells me that it is important that you understand that what happened in your past should have woke you up to try something different by now. And it's a new weekend to switch it up a bit.

Capricorn:  There could be an old lover popping up in your life, courtesy of Mercury retrograde. It seems like feel retrograde is bringing us all back to our past. In your case that's not a bad thing. I am hearing that those dreams you had and those ideas that you use to think about, looks like it might be time to put them in action.

Aquarius: There is a good chance that you might have changed your mind about your relationship. There's also a very good chance that you might have decided that you made a mistake. This mistake is on your mind a lot lately and the cosmos recommends that you consider the cost of changing your mind. Compare that to the cost of continuing down the wrong path when it comes to a lover. It might cost you in the short-term but in the long-term you'll be better off.

Pisces: You probably feeling restless and wanting to run. It's in the stars, not just spring fever. You can calm your nerves by going shopping. You can create a little drama in your life via social media. You can even go into your fantasy world. And If you want to run it's okay. And if you want to stay put, thats ok as it should get better in a couple weeks. Meantime a little fantasy never hurt.