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Monday, November 2, 2015

Love Forecast Nov 2nd 2015

Weekly Love Forecast Nov 2nd 2015 By Rachel Love

Aries: This is what I am seeing or hearing in regards to your week. First there are some people who think you move to quickly and you should slow down. The second thing I am seeing is that you are well aware of what is going on behind the scenes and you are not really concerned what others think. You know you made a good decision and you are confident that decision will prove to be fruitful.  The signs are showing that things are indeed going your way and that you should continue to be confident.

Taurus: You are also being affected in a similar way as Aires. Your ideas are being looked at and some may feel that you have not taken the time to research or prepare yourself for your recent  decisions. I am seeing that you are ready and that you should go ahead with your plans. The only thing that might need more help on is publicity or a sales person. I see someone will be offering to help but they want to get a piece of the pie. You wont really need that help. 

Gemini: Worry and concern about little details seems to be in your thoughts this week.  We all know the devil is in the details but sometimes we just need a good exorcism and move on. There is a confrontation with someone close to you this week. Believe in your intuition and stay true to your heart. Please don't get caught up int he little details this week. That will not bring you any closer to figuring out what happened or what is coming. Follow your gut and trust yourself.

Cancer: Your ready to go now and you are felling confident of your own voice, once again. This is a week when some ideas from the beginning of the year are coming back at you strong and clear. You should also discover again hat others want you on their team and that you are actually a vital part in some peoples world. Expect some important news by week end, probably from a close friend.

Leo: Looks like some doubts and insecurities could come creeping into your week. A week of evaluations and determining where you are going and the basic, why am I here? type questioning. Looks like you will do ok and even find that you are more loved that you might believe. Someone loves you enough to even be willing to break the rules for you, if needed.

Virgo: Venus and Mars aligning in your sign this week. So that shows there could be something from two years back coming into your present situation. Should expect some interesting dreams and memories popping up. Cosmic stuff trying to show you something from your family. Something related to why you are where you are now. A good conversation with an older family member should be helpful.

Libra: Venus and Mars aligning Tuesday will probably bring a work related proposal together. Something that requires you to have a partner. Someone that can help you with the details and probably related to marketing. Whatever your situation, working or not it still seems there is a great chance that something worthwhile is needing your contribution this week.

Scorpio: Your extra sharp this week due to not only your own education and capacities but Mercury joins the Sun in your sign. Now that being said there seems to be a person of the sign Cancer that will help you see something that you were blind to.  Some emotions and jealousies will develop from outside your relationship with this person. But I am also seeing you're involvement will help the Cancer Sign person deal with some issues that they couldn't on their own.

Sagittarius: Financial issues are in your sign, So be careful of what you put your signature on. There seems to be a connection with how much things are really costing you compared with what you thought they would. This financial thing could go out as far as the end of the month. I am getting the feeling this is connected with a loved one. So just keep your eye open for unexpected terms or offers.

Capricorn: Your leadership capabilities could be called for this week. At least there are lots of people that would appreciate your help. Be a Big Sister or take on an apprentice. As your gifts and leadership abilities are heightened by the Venus and Mars influences. One other thing your ability to see things clearly could help you fix an issue from the past that you might have thought was not possible. 

Aquarius: Financial issues are in your week. Looks like you are about to be clear of some financial obligations giving you more room to breathe.  Or at least you should be in a better place by years end.  I am also seeing,  you should probably visit someone who is home bound or in such a place they can’t get out to see you. They should have some valued information that could help you with finances. 

Pisces: Venus and Mars will cause a shift in your world this week. A relationship will be ending. Probably due to financial pressures. There will be partnerships that no longer work well for you or them. All this is happing and it is not due to you  are not giving enough or sacrificing enough. It is just how things go. Season of change type thing. I am hearing that taking time to write down things you expect should help with the basis for some new beginnings. 

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