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Monday, November 9, 2015

Weekly Love Forecast Nov 9th

Weekly Love Forecast Nov 9th 2015 by Medium Rachel Love

Aries: There could be some frustration in your week. This centered on those who say they are going to do something and don't follow thru.  It is not so much their fault as it is the timing with the stars . Expect more movement come later in the week when Mars moves into Libra. Speaking of later in the week, Wednesday would be a great day if you need to get something special from someone. You should be experiencing a little extra favor from those that are holding gifts.        

Taurus:  By weeks end there will be extra eyes on just about anything you do and you could be feeling the extra expectation on your life. But the beginning of the week seems like a very good time to get in some me time. Relax and enjoy some special time just for yourself. Best to be rested and ready for the Friday work load. 

Gemini: Creativity is in your stars this week. Venus today and then Mars Friday all help with your creative side. One note I should mention is that past relationships could come into play. And you should actually be in a good place for them to be more willing to work with you and compromise.  Unfortunately I am not seeing any sign that there is a guarantee this will last longer than this week.

Cancer: You should be feeling pretty good about your life by midweek. Blessings and benefits are in your forecast. Someone younger will be needing your guidance. Yes, I know that is a common thing with you as of late. But there will certainly be some chances to use your wisdom to help someone out. Venus then Mars, will be hanging in the home part of your solar chart for the next few week. And that pretty much guarantees that the younger person will be a loved one.

Leo: You could really make some financial gain and move forward with some ideas you have had if you are willing to work with another.  If not there is a window with the New Moon Wednesday where you might be able to do it alone. If you hurry with your plans by the weekend it looks like a possibility.  Ok I hear you what has this to do with romance?  If you take any financial gains and apply them to love relationships.  Forgive me I was teasing. Truth is a relationship that could benefit both of you romantically is the stars also. And long term this partner would help financially. 

Virgo:  Finance and prosperity will be affected by first Venus and then by Friday Mars. Great time to find some extra money in your mail. But looks like some unexpected complication will arrive in your mail by Wednesday or Thursday. These complications are actually here to help with your long term outlook. As there is a solar eclipse in your sign come September. 

Libra: Venus, Mars and then the New Moon all are saying Fresh Start! And there is some sense that a change of scenery would be a great idea. Or at least meet up with someone who has traveled a lot and can share with you some places they have been lately. Not just pics form Facebook I might add. A real person wha has done real traveling is a great possibility if you cant get out yourself for some reason.

Scorpio: Same issues with the New Moon as it appears that you might find yourself wondering where to go or what to do to get your life moving forward. Looks like  the answer is  already found but you are or were not ready to accept the answer. I suspect that by Friday you will have the willingness to do what needs to be done and get on with your life.

Sagittarius:  Meeting people and expanding your network is certainly a focus this week. At least before the weekend you should expect to meet at least one or two interesting people. Also looks like someone you have known for a while has some new ideas that could inspire you to challenge yourself with some new goals. So basically this is a good solid work week for you.  Love making might take a back seat. But hell there is certainly time for some quick down and dirty back seat action once the sun goes down.

Capricorn: Lots of possibilities this week, but I am seeing money could be a hindrance. Good chance that in a few weeks the money will come but in the mean time try to find time for yourself. Take some time off or find ways to do more work at home and less time at the office or on the road. Looks like others will be expecting a lot of your time this week but try to remember yourself and schedule time for recharging. As I said the stars show the money will come so you don't want to be overtired or sick when the check comes in.

Aquarius: Showing a good chance for both rewards at home and at the bank. If you have a lawsuit pending there could be some movement this week. A home loan could be approved or anything dealing with banks is looking good. I am seeing that this new energy might push you into some things that will come to fruition by December Solstice. 

Pisces: The New Moon Wednesday shows a change is coming and it appears to be in relationship with your professional efforts. A new respect from those you respect as they seem to discover more of what you have been doing as of late.  Seems late July’s effort will be coming home to roost. Now I am thinking of Thanksgiving Turkeys, oh well.  Anyway your expertise will be of extra value to those you love and those who count on you to help. And if you wanted to start a new job or a new relationship this is your week to do just that.

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