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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Weekly Love Forecast Nov 16th by Rachel Love

Weekly Love Forecast Nov 16 2015 by Rachel Love

Aires: Looks like you could experience mind fog this next week. It might feel like there is a secret but you are missing a piece of the puzzle. Things will be tough as far as you trying to get to the truth of things. This could prove bothersome especially since the stars show someone close to you is interested in a deeper relationship. You will have to trust the universe on this potential relationship.

Taurus: A bit of a financial issue is probably going to be rearing its ugly head. Looks like some issues from the late 2014 could be the cause. Also looks like someone has been receiving unfair advantage on your expense. So it is probably a good idea to check your balances and maybe restrict access to your accounts to only yourself or a very trusted relative. Also look for those small money vampires that eat away at your bottom line. 

Gemini: Relationships are going to feel like a broken teeter/totter type relationship this week. What I mean by that you will problem feel like you are not getting an equal deal with your relationships. It will feel like you are not getting the lift you expect from your partner. And with Neptune standing over the scene, looks like you could expect an unreasonable request from a loved one also. 

Cancer: Your ability to help others could come in handy this week. With so many people facing challenges you should expect some coming your way to seek advice and guidance. The trouble is that your own confidence could be tested this week also. So perhaps write some your good advice down and post it on the fridge just to remind yourself. Hell of a week ahead but I am confident you will still find humor in the craziness you will see.

Leo: Testing phase doesn't ignore you either my lioness friends.  Quarter moon in opposite sign come Thursday will bring it to the height of testing. Suspect that it will be with someone you hold in high standing. One thing I am seeing or hearing is that maybe you should consider changing up your inner circle and removing some who are not really on the same playing field as you. 

Virgo: No break for the working girl this week. With all the testing going on you are probably going to be feeling the squeeze to work harder and take less personal time. I am even seeing  strings being tightened. You could consider turning your hobbies int a money making proposition. Now I just heard that and I am not one to encourage making everything about money. But I had to share what I heard. 

Libra: Perhaps if you put a smile on and turn on your magical charm you could convince a Taurus or Sagittarius to help you with some issues this week. You know how to shine and you know how to get what you need. Good thing as this week the universe is turning up the heat when it comes to things written down. This could mean religious issues or legal issues but certainly some things are going to cause you issues and extra help would be a good idea.

Scorpio: Perhaps patience is a virtue and you should be winning the Virtue of the Year Award by now. But looks like even you patience will be coming to the thin part of the skin.  Thought that sounded better in my head than it did when I wrote it down. Anyway come Friday or Saturday an old time friend will be again offering advice. The thing is do you listen or cut back on your energy wastes with ungrateful people.

Sagittarius: The universe mentioned age but I am not going there. The important thing to look at is  whether you are being truly appreciated and given the credit for the things you deserve to be credited for. It may be that you need to change up your home environment a bit. Also concentrate on the big picture. Like where are you expecting yourself to be in a year or two. Looks like the signs are pointing at you making some real plans to help you be more successful. This would include using some talent like writing or art that you have not been using for a long time.

Capricorn: Use your social skills and try to get people to notice you. For this week is not about who you are or what you can do.  You will almost disappear in peoples eyes as the week of testing will have most people paying closer attention to their own issues. Now I know that is not what you wanted to hear. And there is a good chance that you might be tempted to just sit back and relax in a hot tube for the  week. Allowing things to settle down and get back to normal. That does sound sweet doesn't it? But the universe is showing that you need to get noticed and that  if you ever expect to move on or get that good part or relationship you will have to be social. Nice smile, a little perfume and heels and with the holiday party season in full swing you will shine brightly.

Aquarius: Looks like it is the week to draw the line in the sand. Set boundaries and take action to prevent any further problems. Yes, I am seeing relationship issues dating back seven years that have found a way to  reemerge into your garden of life. Like nasty weeds the best way to deal with them is to pull them up roots and all. On the bright side there does seem to be a flower or a rose of a person who you have admired that will be visiting your garden this week. I am seeing money and time investment opportunities also in your forecast.

Pisces: Perhaps the best offense is a defense. Or there is some long ago quote going in my head right now. Anyway I am seeing that you should be feeling like you are at the end of your rope physically, mentally and spiritually. Let’s blame it on Neptune standing over your chart. So this is what I am seeing, a need for you to get caught up on your rest. Find time to relax and for goodness sake cut back on the drinking and try eating better. Lots of tests and examinations by others this week and you want to be at your physical best. 

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