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Monday, October 19, 2015

Weekly Love Forecast Oct 19 2015

Weekly Love Forecast Oct 19 2015 by Rachel Love

Aries: This week your’e gong to have even harder time at restraint. Uranus moving through your sign will help fuel your impulsive side gain even more than normal. By the end of the week this impulsive side will probably be in conflict with someone special to you. Expect a Virgo or Scorpio to recognize your ideas as golden while others might not.

Taurus: Venus and Pluto will impact your creative side this week. This creative side could prove helpful in getting things moving once again in your relationships. Seems there is some past issues that could be worked out during this creative time.

Gemini: Looks like you could be in a place of conflict as far as what you believe and someone close to you believes. This could be a simple political or spiritual difference. But I am sensing  the feelings of this debate run deep in your heart. This would be a good time to stand true to your beliefs. There is a chance this belief and someone you hold special could turn into an issue before months end.

Cancer: Venus, Mars and Jupiter are moving through your sign.  What this creates in your life is a challenge. Communications will take some effort to straighten out. But you won’t mind, it will give your brain a challenge and get the old juices flowing again. Looks like money is going to be available and plenty of support from friends of the Taurus, Libra and Capricorn variety.  Expect a good week.

Leo: Your energy level should be in a pretty hight place. While many are slowing down you will find yourself passing them almost like they are riding bicycles while you are on a Harley. I will also share that you might find others are all talk and no action.  Careful this thought process will give you and edge but don't be condescending to others. There is a possibility that you could miss a turn and end up on a dead end.

Virgo: Venus and Pluto later in the week will help you find someone who really truly understands you. This could form a bond of friendship or more than could last a while. Meanwhile you will notice a lot of people will be looking at you and drawing strong conclusions about you.  This extra scrutiny could cause anxiety. But if you stay true to yourself you should do well. 

Libra: The way the planets are lined up you could find yourself dealing with something old and something cosmic. Your past or even your past lives are coming forward to be dealt with hopefully be some much more forward thinking. Like going from a pay phone to a cell phone the abilities and  limitations are in stark contrast. Your old life and the new one are so much different. Good week to deal with the old issues that was difficult. But are no match for the new you now.

Scorpio: Hard work and determination will be the weeks goal. I know that doesn't sound like much fun. But you have been holding true for the last couple years and the finish line is fast approaching. Looks like some extra support is on its way to help.

Sagittarius: You also seem to have a week where paying attention to the details is important. Finishing up some old projects and getting things ready. Family could have a different opinion on how things should be done but you are right in following your desires. Organization and long term planning is not only a good idea but seems to be playing an important part of your life this week. 

Capricorn: Preparation and planning is in your sign this week.  I don't need to go on about being prepared as I am sure you feel the importance right now to be so. But I will say that July is showing up in your prediction. Expect to complete or deal with something from last July.

Aquarius: You have been moving very quickly. Some skeletons from the past are behind you. After three years of running circles and chasing dreams you are coming to a different place. You are changing and this change will take some adjustment. It might be hard for you to understand how to live in this new reality. But this week you will discover you have stopped running.

Pisces: Mars and Jupiter in your opposite sign should be creating a lot of well meaning friends trying to fix your life.  I use the word well meaning but they are not being as helpful as they believe. You are not a victim and you know what needs to be done.  Your vision about yourself is true. All you have to do is stay true to yourself And politely say no to the offers of help. Truth be known you could be a greater help to those trying to help you. 

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