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Monday, October 12, 2015

Weekly Love Forecast Oct 12th 2015

Weekly Love Forecast Oct. 12th by Rachel Love

Aires:  You can expect to be craving newness and positive changes. Satisfying this desire might  include a new haircut or a new outfit. With Mars aligning with Jupiter by end of the week you will be feeling like a clean slate would be a great idea. Problems with Virgo and Pisces is also in your week.

Taurus:  New ideas and possible heavy flirting all come together this week.  Ok, this could turn kinky?  Seriously, Mars and Jupiter line up to create a play zone type energy.  Your best options for a playmate would be Virgo or a Libra.

Gemini:  Working towards internal growth and strength should be your focus. Building strong foundations and preparing for the future is recommend. You could take a trip or get out of town if you like but the stars are suggesting that you stay put for a bit. Preparation and alternative plans should be considered. Especially if you plans included a Virgo be strong in your recent decisions.

Cancer:  You will be feeling the changes this week. Feeling a need to do something to help others will be strong. Aires, Libra and Capricorn will be attempting to influence your attention. Lots of energies competing for your help. Meanwhile looks like the stars are suggesting that you rework a gift that you have neglected for a while there could be some good benefits if you used that gift again. 

Leo:  September’s ideas now seem to be ripening in your thoughts. Something you considered back mid September would probably work well now in your immediate plans. Watch for those around you that would try to block your creative ideas.  You know the friends that always poo poo your ideas. Looks like they might try to discourage but they wont be able to actually do anything but mumble this time around.

Virgo:  Venus has arrived for her annual travel thru your sign. This will give you almost magical powers. Use them wisely and consider helping others with you wisdom and gifts. Plant seeds now that will grow into fruitful trees later.

Libra:  Mercury in your sign would give youth power to complete some things you began back in September.  By the end of the week you will be at your strongest. There is something that began back in 2008 that needs to be finished. Use this extra power to conquer that beast once and for all.

Scorpio: Gossip and people coming to you with secrets is in your stars this week.  Mars and Pluto come into a good aspect this weekend will push you towards finishing up some projects. The only issue would be getting sidetracked by the other peoples drama. So you can offer help or sympathy but don't allow this week to go by without taking some action in completing your goals.

Sagittarius:  By Tuesday you will be ready for lift off. What I mean is the new moon will energize you and make you feel like you can do anything. And of course you can but I am hearing a voice that says make sure you have the right support crew on hand. Seems there is someone who want to undermine you and this would be a good week to check your dreams qualifications before allowing them to fill your rocket ship.
Capricorn:  You are also feeling the effects of the stars especially dealing with something back in Mid September. Something you thought was closed and over with but still rears it ugly head.  There is still someone close to you holding things back. You should look closely for a Libra who is instrumental in this issue. By mid week you should be feeling overly irritated at the whole situation and that should instigate you into making a stand and changing things up. 

Aquarius: The old retrograde has been playing havoc  in your life for long enough. But because of this retrograde you have pulled yourself back from almost all decisions.  This week is a great time to take some old ways and apply them to dealing with todays issues.  Perhaps getting back into meditation or yoga. The reason behind this is you could be seeing an eighteen month experience that building a good solid basic foundation would be very helpful for you to have.

Pisces:  Good chance you have been feeling like your going crazy. Just so busy with thing you can even think straight.  Ny Tuesdays new moon this feeling should be more settled and you should be able to make rational practical decisions about your life.  I am seeing a need to change something up. Something related to art or social media. If you’r working on a film project or show you should consider a remake or major editing.  I know this doesn't apply to everyone. But there is an indication that entertainment or art needs to be looked at in a different light. 

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