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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Sandman Dreams

My eyes still covered from Mr Sandman's dust.. Damn I hope it was just sand.. anyway.. awake.. almost completely.. last night's dream still singing in my head.. I am still daydreaming dreaming of Felix the Cat.. I know I have issues.. 
I have the Felix the Cat and Mary Poppins and the Whole Band from the Partridge Family roaming about in my morning thoughts.. All visitors from Christmas Past..
First and last was Felix.. He came with his Bag of Magic Tricks.. Then Mary Poppins dropped in with her big Black Bag of Supplies.. and somewhere during the night the Hippy Bus with the Partridges arrived at the front door.. and then set up and played. "Baby i Love You"
So what does this mean you might ask. Or most of you know better than to bother asking. As I will of course expound on my own interpretations without being asked. And your right. I will explain.
Or at least give you my own interpretations which you should take with a grain of sand.. Damn Sandman! I think it means we all come to this planet with our own supplies of Gifts and Talents. Some work alone and some work together like a band or family to accomplish something. Maybe like the Partridge family they travel to places to share their gifts. Or like Mary poppins she has a family in mind for her work. 
Or like Felix the Cat.. Actually I think Felix was more related to what I ate for dinner.. but even the Felix had his Bag of Magic to rely on as he did the things he did. 
Anyway I am awake and ready to make my first cup of coffee.. Awake in this world..

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