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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Weekly Love Forecast Jan 3d 2016 by Rachel Love

Weekly Love Forecast Jan 3d 2016 by Rachel Love Aries: There is a strong possibility that someone very special will become known to you this week. This could turn into some romance or a very dear friend. The trouble will be the retrograde will pop herself right into he middle of this possibility. The retrograde is keeping herself around until Valentine's Day. The romantic interest will probably be a Cancer, Libra or a Capricorn. Side note, someone close to you is having difficulties explaining themselves and you might be able to help them. Taurus: Expect some degree of romantic issues this week. Retrograde will be the cause. But the characters involved will be the ones you will have already been focusing on. Expect the over achievers to be at the root of your issues. Especially the ones with stringent New Year Resolutions, you know the ones already don't you? Anyway quiet time and concentrating on the beautiful things should help. Perhaps painting or writing poetry would help you maintain this retrograde. Gemini: Looks like you should be enjoying a great year. This week I would recommend that you keep everything light and fun. Try to keep yourself out of anything serious at least until after the retrograde moves on Valentine's Day. I am also seeing a possibility that you could be misunderstood due in part to mixed signals you have put out there. I also see someone that you are interested in or in a relationship with, that is on the opposite side of a political opinion. Again keep the conversations light and easy and you should do well. Cancer: Feeling the need for adventure and also feeling like you need to close up the chapter of the book. You know that feeling, like its time to move on but you're not sure if your ready. Work and pleasure is beginning to feel out of balance. You might be thinking you're giving more than you're receiving in your relationships. And then here comes retrograde. So misunderstandings and communications issues will be in play. I do see someone from Scorpio or Capricorn and from an older generation that will be relying on your friendship. Leo: Feeling a desire for love and wanting a relationship to blossom will probably be on your mind this week. New Years Resolutions will be on your thoughts. Wanting to stick to them has become a problem as of late. As the resolutions has become almost a joke to you. But still you wish for some resolutions to become real in regard to love, happiness and your health. But that being said I do see someone close to you wanting to get closer. But retrograde will complicate this relationship. Virgo: Jupiter is still moving through your sign so love is certainly a part of your new year prediction. But retrograde still plays into this prediction causing a rather bumpy start romantically to your new year. Keep your calm and try to keep from being fooled by those taking advantage of the retrograde. Watch your internet dating and trust you heart above the other voices you could be hearing. Libra: Careful that you don't appear indecisive as this is the week you could easily be misunderstood. Be certain that you are not sending out the wrong signals. Are you interested in this relationship or is this just a passing fling. The faster you are at making the effort to communicate clearly your desires the more likely you can receive what you are asking for. By midweek here comes retrograde. Then it will be very difficult to get anything communicated the way you wish. Scorpio: Move quickly on that particular person you have been dreaming about. Mars is spending a lot of time in your sign this year and that brings a good chance of real love and long standing relationships. Retrograde will shake things up so if you want something to happen romantically, buy the new negligee very soon. Then hold on until Valentine's Day when retrograde moves on and with any luck you will have gotten exactly what you set your sites on. Sagittarius: Taurus or Libra relationships will require extra attention this week. And retrograde coming in quickly this week there will be fireworks, missed communications and some extra tricks and little treats for you romantically. Suggest that you take it easy and make sure your desires and wants are fully understood. Some might try to ignore you and hope that you don't notice but stand firm and remind them of the promises they made to you. Capricorn: Your best bet for this week is to get some of your past issues worked out. Some misunderstanding of the past will become much larger once retrograde happens midweek. So if you can get your concerns cleared up quickly you will be much better off. These concerns are related to romance and work relationships. I am also seeing someone expects you to be the one giving all the time and you have your own desires and wants that have to be considered. If you would like to give these issues time to work out then the retrograde period will certainly be a good time to see if this relationship can survive. Aquarius: Thinking about the last two years and the amount of effort and toil you have put into a relationship or relationships should be on your plate this week. I can see how you could easily feel that you are not really getting your wants and some of your needs meet. This retrograde will be a great time to concentrate on what you want in a relationship. Concentrate on your wants and desires and see if there is someone who can hep you achieve these results. Look for someone under the Gemini Sign to be helpful in answering these questions. Pisces: Sure retrograde sucks and we all wish it didn't happen but it does. So just about everyone will feel her effect. Those under the signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and your sign will be feeling the effect more intensely in their love life. I would suggest that you keep it light and you could find support from your friends under the signs I just mentioned. But there does seem to be a very strong indication that at least one relationship will be coming to an end during this retrograde period.

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