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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Inner Child Driving Test by Rachel Love

What do you believe about love?
A.      Is there true love?
B.      Do you have a soul mate?
C.      Will there only be one true love?
D.      Does the universe / god or other love you?
E.       Did you parents / caretakers love you?
F.       Will you ever find love again?

What do you believe about money?
A.      Is money easy for you to get?
B.      Do you get paid enough at work?
C.      If you had more money would you be happier?
D.      Can you pay your bills easily?
E.       Do you have a plan in place to create wealth?
F.       Do you believe the Lottery/ Casino will help you with your money issues?
G.     Have you ever done something you were not comfortable with for money?
H.      Have you made relationships based on financial gain.
I.        Will you have enough money to follow your dream and passions
J.        Will you grow old with enough money to provide for your self?

What do you believe about sex?
A.      Is sex fun?
B.      Is sex bad?
C.      Is sex hurtful / Painful?
D.      Do you feel better after sex or worse?
E.       Is sex strictly a physical act or a spiritual practice?
F.       Is sex for creating children only?

What are your thoughts on being Fat?
A.      Are people fat because they are lazy?
B.      Do you believe in regular exercise?
C.      Do you feel strong?
D.      Are you too old to do the things you once did?
E.       Do you feel bad when you are feeling fat?
F.       Do you like your body?
G.     Is your body the way it is because you are not doing something right?

Why do people die?
A.      Because they deserve to die?
B.      Because of disease?
C.      Universe/ god’s plan for humankind?
D.      So they can transition to a better place?
E.       God’s judgment or Mother Nature’s?

Do you believe in an afterlife?
A.      Is the afterlife a reward for good behavior?
B.      Is the afterlife a good place to go?
C.      Will there be suffering in the afterlife?
D.      Are you looking forward to getting there?
E.       Would you prefer to live forever?
F.       What kind of behavior would you have to perform to achieve afterlife?

Where do we come from before we are born?
A.      From Apes and Monkeys?
B.      From a man made of mud or from that man’s rib?
C.      Spiritual Realm?
D.       Another planet?
E.       Microbes from space or consequences of a big bang?
F.       How does this come into play in your everyday existence?

Why are you here on this earth and this time?
A.      Fate?
B.      Choice of yours?
C.      Mistake of your parents?
D.      Punishment for a bad previous life?
E.       Reward for a previous life?
F.       To lead others to enlightenment?
G.     To find true love that was lost once before?
H.      Prepare the way for a savior or to be a savoir?

Do any of these questions / answers make you uncomfortable with your life as you are living it now?
A.      Have you ever taken an assessment of your Core Beliefs?
B.      Did your doing so change any of your behaviors?
C.      Do your beliefs about life really affect your daily life positively or negatively?

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